Accidents nyingi sana leo

A high impact accident involving two cars leading to one veering off road and hitting a transformer which had a beehive …
Onlookers had to scamper for safety when the bees swarmed at them
All this at the junction of Nkrumah Road and Sajad road Mombasa



head on accident along Kangundo road earlier today between a matatu (pictured) and a 52 seater Frr bus…atleast 4 confirmed dead



vehicle before accident[ATTACH=full]4596[/ATTACH]

Heavy traffic along the Narok - Mai mahiu road after a lorry transporting cement plunged into the valley .




Damn! Leo nakaa tu indoors, sitaki walevi wanimalize. There are also reports of another on the Eastern bypass with fatalities.

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Pray tell…how do you cause an accident on Nkrumah Road,Mombasa?

walevi watauwa watu leo.

kuna ajali imetokea hapa mundeke…malaya amevunja beer yangu…



Mpaka hiyo gari ya mombasa imenosebleed


Hehehe…probably coolant or ATF.

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Oil vessel stalls off Mombasa Port
This one could have disastrous consequences on the environment and marine life if it spills.
@Luther12 , si utume watu wa alcoblow hapa likoni channel. i dont trust this pilots

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hii probably ni blunder ya loading frm port of origin. now probably they will have to contaminate those empty tanks with ballast wa gain stability.

hawa drivers wa mini bus with graffiti and loud music especially wa rongai, they drive these minibuses like a sports car. they drive arrogantly and overspeed even in congested areas, keep changing lanes and overtaking carelessly

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:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

the devil :frowning:

how? some will say God’s plan

i think people should plan and leave early to avoid rush. we pray for safety throughout the weekend and the coming days.


maeby yes maeby no