Early-morning accident on Kiambu road claims one life, injures 15 others



That momentum must have been huge

the matatu’s dashboard is in pieces

Eish, high speed impact. Hapo inakaa hakuna mtu alifinya brakes. RIP to the departed.
Guess jamaa wa personal alikua mlevi

Mambo mbaya.

Aaaw, looks very bad


Ooh my!

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Dere wa ma3 most likely dead or amputee for the rest of his life


When I see these kinds of photos, I just think I will just start walking everywhere…

wait wut?

[ATTACH=full]12236[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]12237[/ATTACH]


looks like a subaru legacy, the driver was wasted alingoja watu wa alcoblow watoke njiani ndio atoke bar. Huyu ahukumiwe

mbele ya mat sikai tena

Waah, inaraluka kama karatasi

Hiyo subaru or whatever it is has an excellent crumpling profile.

No wonder I read somewhere that a certain insurance company won’t be covering Subaru clients. Pure makaratasi n the way they look superb from outside.

Pedestrians account for the highest Road deaths in any year. So unless you are walking in a forest, don’t assume you will be safe.


mimi iyo niliacha kitambo…ata nissan i avoid