Weird & very fatal accident on airport north road,just before taj mall. Premio split into 2


A very nice and lonely road somewhere in kenya


Hii sio hiyo gari ya stigs kenyan cousin aka muranga?


oh my. speed kills.

hapo if you have strapped your kiddo on the back sit halafu lorry ikufanye hivi wewe kwisha


Hio sio chuma…inakaa ni mabati tu

na kwani chassis ilikua aluminium? imeraruliwa kama mkate

You need a steel chassis coz man that’s just brutal

That stretch between Cabanas and the overpass next to Taj Mall ni kama iko na mashetani.I have witnessed more deaths there than I have anywhwere else in my long road use.

Overpass= u live in Ruiru ama Ruai? Ukowapi jirani

^^^No, am not from those sides but I use that road a lot every day while running my errands.

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Most regular saloon cars do not have a chassis. Everything is mounted on the mabati body. Modern SUVs have a very light chassis. Real recognisable chassis is on pickups and other “donkey” vehicles. Go examine your car properly. Strength of cars is dependent on the shape of the body and the only solidly strong metal in cars is the drivetrain.