Damn hii kitu ni probabilities tu at play… condolences to the families that lost their loved ones



So sad

the owners of these buses at times must take liability,

Meria mata alikuwachia accident news…

Extreme sport tings.:eek:

For real, kufika salama ni Mungu tu.

ntsa, traffic bure kabisa …wanaruka ruka kila mahali kwa media while on the ground …things are different …Meffi!!

Sad, Eldoret Express has been operating for very long but they still have no structures, they still operate from country bus.

this is sad…long distance night travel on Kenyan roads ni kubahatisha

Though thee are some companies that have managed without such major incidences, Easy Coach, Coast Bus, Guardian.

Let’s assume wewe ndio “NTSA”, how would you have stopped this particular accident?..Take your time.

1st deal with the rogue body builders …more fiber , less metal kama zile marcopolo za sa.
2nd mount speed traps even at night since this is where major accidents happen
3rd do a thorough check (night and day) on these bus/truck drivers (looking out for drunkardness and fatigue)
4th do patrols on our major highways esp at night …looking out for speeding, light-less, stationary vehicles et al

lemme get back to work …ill finish up the list later

Easy coach usiku the drivers blind you with their lights…25th Dec 2018 karibu moja naua mimi huko Siaya
Coast Bus…maajabu 50+ yrs later it hasn’t collapsed.
Guardian…kunguni, loss of parcels, generally disorganised and run like a mutura kibanda