Matatu crashes behind a trailer along southern bypass

effects of tailgating

Serves him right.

I am pretty certain this isn’t an accident. The ma3 bonobos are used to tailgating dangerously while flashing lights at full beam ni kama Dunia inaisha the next minute. But could also be a case of @Meria Mata cronies firmly refusing to shift from the speeding lane :smiley:

Bonobo /ˈbɒnəbəʊ/ nounplural noun: bonobos
a chimpanzee with a black face and black hair, found in the rainforests of the Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire). It is believed to be the closest living relative of humans.

Loud music; a matatu driver with hands switching between ball gums, miraa, the steering, and njugu. If you get the picture then you know this is inevitable.

Huto tuschana tunakaanga mbele lazima zimeumia

Io barabara hurarukia mtu umajikuta uko auto pilot.

so ,mtu aamke 4a.m adecide “leo nitagonga gari gani nyuma?”,well,aint that a bummer

How an architect can relate to the driving style of an intoxicated matatu driver is beyond me! Except, of course, that “architect” has had previous experience doing odd jobs like serving as “donda wa ma3” and a casual labourer among others.

Buda mimi ata sikuenda shule kama wewe wacha kunipea title zenye ata sijui zinamaanisha nini…

Haiya! huyu naye anaona ni kama kuna Ktalker hajui bonobo ni nini?

If you drive in Nairobi daily, you’d know what I am talking about. Contrary to the saying, ajali saa zingine huwa na kinga bro