Accident along Mombasa road

You never know the danger that is the Nduthi (bodaboda motorbike) until you see one doing sama sault live live. This guy amepigishwa sama na nduthi yaani ikamurusha in the air landing head first na akadedi pap! right in front of me as I am driving just past mlolongo. I feel for his family yawa.[ATTACH=full]8243[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]8244[/ATTACH]

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Naogopanga nduthi sana since nione jamaa mwingine akibondwa, these things are just death traps.

Kwani helmet haikusaidia?

I drove past this maybe an hour ago. I thought, that moti had hit the bike or something…but i didnt think anyone was injured or worse

I used to work for some company around the Taj Mall area. It was a sato afternoon and since the bosses were off for the weekend,I decided to learn how to ride nduthi. Mimi na kiherehere yangu huyoo kwa mechanic. Kauliza Muriithi the mechanic vipi. Akanishow chukua hiyo. Hiyo ndo ya training. Yamaha 100. The compound was spacious so I did one lap. Nikarudi kwa mech. Started the second lap. Mamayoo…just at the entrance to customer service counter,all I know is that the front wheel ilikuwa juu ya counter na mimi,hanging on for dear life. Nikashuka nikaregesha pikipiki ya wenyewe kwa mech…and walked away on jelly legs.
And thats how me and nduthis became sworn enemies.


The bad part is that he didn’t have none, kichwa imechapa ground kavu kavu

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That sounds like Transami or multiple Hauliers.

It was like mashetani or something ama he hit emergency brakes on the front wheel that sent him on air. The poor guy didn’t have hata time ya kutingika

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hapo hakuna kuponea na what happened ndio nduthi impigishe somersault hivyo? what led to that

Its like the front wheel locked on high speed going down the decent.
[ATTACH=full]8246[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]8245[/ATTACH]

poor guy, I just got off a mat hapa Airtel , I knew there must have been an accident huko mbele.

I guess thats a different incident. This happened on the way to Athi river just past Mlolongo

Of course a life lost is sad. But nigga didn’t have a helmet? Ever heard of Darwin?

The government should ban these things (and proboxes) too. Ni kama sigara - mathara yazo far far exceeds the benefits. Especially when 98.976% of the population is dumb.

Those guys have huge compounds yes but they do not have that many nduthis…

Hawa wa tuktuk ni wengine pia.

Langata Road

Hii ya Langata Road iko near Uhuru Gardens. Caused by a Serian Sacco minibus


Tukiendelea hivi they will even ban sex because we have too many cases of STIs and unwanted pregnancies.

There are better ways to rein in this guys, like arresting guys without helmets, but there is the little problem of an incompetent police force.

hata hiyo KCA ni nduthi kweli?