ACCIDENT ALLERT Kenol-Makuyu stretch

Driver of a Probox carrying miraa dies in head-on collision with a 14-seater matatu at the Kakuzi bridge on the Makuyu-Kenol road in Muranga.

Thats a succeed

Watu wa jaba priss rush to the area, free manna for all

A Probox by any other name. :D:D

Those probox miraa carriers are just the worst, they think the road belongs to them! harassing everyone from meru to nairobi!, the pickups are more disciplined. must be inferiority complex

Someone told me thats Muguka and not Miraa .
Muguka = Embu = Probox aka Poor Mans Ferrari
Miraa = Meru = Hilux on steroids

Kufuata sheria ni muhimu sana . The probox driver ignored the solid line kwa barabara now look the mess he has brought to so many innocent law abiding road users. :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

In Kirinyaga walitii, after several of their cars were burned down after causing accidents and drivers lynched

Matatu KCT ata mwenyewe hajalipa 1st loan instalment!!!

was waiting to see you complain about the green stuff on the road…but hey

Sina shida na muguka , its a plant that doesn’t harm me .However i have an issue with the idiot sitting behind the steering.