Accident Alert

Lamu Governor, Fahim Twaha’s vehicle involved in an accident at Mkunumbi along the Garsen-Lamu road. No one injured.

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I see lots of airbag. Glad they escaped unhurt. However, I cannot help but wonder what caused the accident. Majini maybe!

Superstion itawamalisa jamaa, the loose sand is usually very ‘slipperly’ esp if you are speeding and brake abruptly, ask @Meria Mata he has experienced it


Good of you to take me as superstitious, yet I guess you believe in God…I don’t, even jinis don’t exist.



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@introvert kuna kazi hapa…

Gari iko bie bado… Wailete kenye mnada sasa

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Kuna insurance guys huchapisha gari kaa hizo market. How does one get to know that group/cartel?

Hayo ni mapepo

Jubilee waombee mtu Yao. After the boat accident that killed an ODM politicians entire family. That area ina mapepo serious.

Halafu upate Insurance Agent alikuwa amepewa premium ya ku-insure gari comprehensively akalipa ya third party only akakula the rest.

♫itakuwa ngori♪


Side curtain airbags zilisaidia.
From the look of things the driver must have swerved since there is no major damage on the front and the vehicle was still on the road ,while the roof is untouched.

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Same scenario happened with my mzee early 2000. He made that mistake…to use my uncles agency company to pay for insurance,ati in the name of boosting a brother’s business. This a chap my dad has educated, got him a job several times, educated most of his children including his siblings(shida ya ma first borns wa kitambo).Hilux Pick-up bado new kiasi, ikachukuliwo hapo harambee avenue as he had stepped into the bank. Allitoka akatafuta gari hadi kanjo na police station wapi. He then visited Cannon Insurance to lodge a claim, akaambiwa pole gari ni third party. Alipoteza kama kilo ishirini kwa hiyo ofisi,mind you mzee is those old school no nonsense guys wale hufuata sheria to the book,never wants to be on the wrong side kabisa. Ilibidi yeye na mum watembelee uncle kwake home. Mum hutwambia ata before the chap could say sorry mzee had already pounced on the chap with kicks and blows Infront of his horrified wife, he was just seeing red. Ilibidi uncle yangu ampatie tittle ya shamba hiyo siku ndio awachiliwe koo.He did a sale agreement na jina ikabadilishwa.Back then mzee was bad news. Shamba ya 10acre ikaenda hivyo but that guy to this day still has a undercover grudge with mzee lakini he never brings it up to his face.


Naona pare grogony kitunguu itanukishwa fyema

Dang!!! Your Mzee ali fanya trade-in ya Toyota Hilux na Shamba la ekari kumi?

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Yes. Huko Ocha. The hilux was barely 2 years old from new, na he had bought it for his mjengo biashara na hakuwa amemaliza kiulipia. But the shamba then wasn’t worth more than the car, but it now is by far seeing that the Tarmac Rd opened up the area and prices shot up.

The car is totaled I guess. If the insurance company intends to indemnify the owner then the car cant be repaired. That frame is damaged and nothing can return it to factory spec or whatever it was before. Labda wareplace hiyo body yote. and that doesn’t make sense. So wanaeza uza ule atabuy afanye ukarabati zake ama aikate.

Are you saying that some of the comprehensive insurance stickers are fake, how can one identify a fake one.

just call the insurance company and give them your policy number. they will check in their system and confirm immediately


My suggestion on what might have happened is that the driver attempted to correct either an understeer or oversteer by intuitively turn the steering wheel and slamming on the brakes after he felt the car drift. My two cents out of my experience in West Tsavo.