Accident Alert: Salgaa

Mash takes a groundie.
Awaiting reports of the situation.
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Hii salgaa ifanywe aje Jameni?
Is it the drivers au ni barabara?

Madereva pia ni wa kulaumiwa kwa sababu wanaelewa sehemu hiyo inabidi itumiwe kwa tahadhari.

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Most of the drivers while passing there they fantasize vile flesh peddlers wali wafanyia maajabu


Hii swali utatuuliza hadi kifo chako au ndo ushakuwa broken record

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Saw this as I was driving down.
Believe it or not, if not a single car passed salgaa for a day, ripoti za hagzdend hutasikia.
Meaning that drivers are the cause of everything. If no car passed Salgaa for 72 hours, then for 72 hours there would be no car accident.

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Vice should do a documentary on that place

I think it’s a flaw in the road design and the terrain mainly. By the was reading the other day that once a place is identified as a black spot in Germany, engineers are sent to study the design of the road and recommend changes. These road is the redesigned around that are and voila! the area stops being a black spot.

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