Accident Alert: Salama


Driver escaped with minor injuries.
Blessed Sunday ya’ll and drive safe.


‘Survived’ is the most appropriate and up-to-date word to use

This escape thing is retro, and degenerative.

You get the point though?

Niaje mwalim

poa ndugu yangu. mombasani mu salama?

I hate the lack of basic education in talkers.

You guys seem to be coming straight from the Shambas to online. You should have gained some foothold with ‘how to use flushing toilets, (WC’s)’ first.

Pot calling the kettle black.


Salama Kabisa. Hoho ashaanza kazi

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aache ujinga asafishe mji:)

True…huko kwenu @Meria Mata ndio atleast sikuona takataka.
I hope that when the plastic ban comes into effect, the face of the city will improve.

ya pharmaceuticals ama?

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Sasa azoe takataka,he will never be governor after this term.

Escaped, got away with, survived

They are all contextually correct

Did you understand the basis of the correction i suggested?

I mean, did you understand the last line of my comment?

waaa that an 18wheeler acania ina kaa ivyo? meaning kaa ni probox/saloon car boot na engine ingekuwa 1n component… lucky guy though

mwaarabu unga yake imekojolewa