Accident Alert: Maragua

accident at Maragua-Muranga Between matatu and personal so many lives lost

Heavy traffic building up Kenol-Muranga road, Maragwa junction due to the accident.

Someone was overtaking(KCE) while there is a marked continuous yellow line

ulevi ya jana usiku,

Sasa ameua watu bure and most likely yeye pia…

It’s like 99.9% of our drivers do not know the meaning of that continuous yellow/white line

99.9% of our drivers need to go back to driving school, their driving skills are pathetic

Like juzi while heading to eldoret; the great rift driver was not paying attention to those lines. It’s just a miracle we didn’t end up as that KCE up there

Kuna North Rift imeua watu nane Jana usiku
Mbisha kwa hio thead ya wsr audio

ni kimbelembele si kutojua.

Gosh MTSRIP. Waaa pole sana kwao. My fren usiku hizo gari zinapepea minimum 110Kmph.

Juzi I could feel the turbo firing up the CVT like non sense. Ogopa hizo box

Usinyamaze bro.
Talk to the fool akiendesha vibaya

I wanted to but then I realised gari haina speed governor.

With those governors on nyege ya overtaking huwa kidogo sana. I have travelled in a box with one

Chief , CVT is mostly limited to small cars not commercial vehicles .There might be exceptions but Hiace is automatic (uses fluid to transfer engine power to wheels) and not CVT (uses a steel belt to transfer power from engine to wheels).
But kusema ukweli power delivery ya modern Toyota diesel engines is superb .

Sometimes you wonder if some drivers use their eyes leave alone their brains.I hate those who change lanes 10 metres to the roundabout where clearly there are solid lines .Mwingine ataingia roundabout in the innermost lane but will exit Kwa second exit.

I have come to a solid conclusion that the so called middle class car owners ndio venye hizo tabia mbaya. Owners of allion, NZE,fielder,probox,Subaru za 1500,note,ist etc sana sana NZE vichwa maji karibu wote including female drivers.

I have been on the road for a good number of years and I know what to expect of any driver behind or ahead of me.

On my scooter Am very comfortable with a V8 behind me than a fielder or probox.

Those cars with small engine capacities and matatus are driven by maniacs. Tailgating ndio zao

Hehehe by CVT i meant no manual change of gears. Hizo box zinafaa ziletwe from Japan with governors that can never be compromised.

An accident in a box is a sure way to heaven. Esp hao watu watatu wa mbele

Toyota na Nissan zote za 1500cc


What i witnessed yesterday traveling using North rift shuttle nazidi kusema Kuna mungu.

You took the words out of my mouth. People overtake and speed in the roads, you’ll think mtu ni surgeon anangojewa theater.