Accident Alert: Maili tisa

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Sijajua about casualties

Definitely fatalities also.lord hav mercy

Even the seats of the yellow bus were pushed forward by the force of impact. Poleni.

Kenyans we need to be humble on the road. Humility is everything.


Saibaba Daresalaam Nbi Kampala

Shait! Which maili tisa VC? Iko kadhaa hii kenya


Saibaba naskia dereva didn’t make it. The rest minor injuries


Kichwa ya trela

Wuueh! Noma. At first I thought it’s some place nliona container kama iyo by the roadside…kwa iyo barabara bado. I think hizi long distance trela zinafaa barabara yao peke yao.


How come this isn’t covered in the main media? From the pics the fatalities were not less than 20 assuming the buses were full. That should be breaking news

Saa ndio wanapata taalifa, MMNN iko mbere sana

The Star is reporting that the bus driver was the only fatality. Kwani hio trela dere wake aliruka ama? Unless those arent the pics of this morning accidents coz i’m seeing another white bus too

Ngai, Salgaa tena?

If its Maili Tisa on Namanga Road, then I blame it on the drivers. Namanga road is well built and well maintained with less traffic and road bullies.

I can bet Greenline caused this, their buses are driven carelessly.

They are busy chasing after Githeri Men

110% true, juzi ninaovertake, kuangalia side mirror naona Greenline Bus pia inanipiga overtake but in the OnComing Lane Traffic !!!
(addendum; was overtaking uphill, using the fast(er) lane.

How else do we overtake without joining the oncoming lane traffic if it’s a two way traffic? Hapo umenipoteza buda unless ni kwa mteremko and the oncoming traffic has a climbing lane thus making it easier to double overtake only if there’s no oncoming traffic climbing up the hill.