Accident Alert: kiambu rd

Terrible accident on kiambu road.

Hii barabara imerogwo esp weekends chida tupu

Hope our birrionea from that side of town is safe


Drunk driving,
One car is upside down and the other two are damaged… pedestrians are working to remove the driver from the wreckage

Are the young men helping or looting.

Sio barabara, ni madereva

What happened is everyone okay?

True, there’re too many drunk drivers on that road. Kuna wengine ilibidi nitoke nje ya barabara usiku coz they were racing very dangerously.

@nairobilay post even a full stop just so we know you are okay

Looting first and disappear, help comes latter ! From other motorists.Very sad

Niko sawa…i used a detour

Oo, we wouldn’t want to be without our communal lay

Communal lay sounds like kanjo brothel :frowning:

Hio ni kiambuu msee… what do you expect?

:D:D:D sasa unataka kuitwa Nani that will mean you belong to all the fisilets here

all pink handles wanipatie round 1 halafu uniite the Sweetest Lay :smiley:

Do if the accident was to happen at Malili Makueni county, You won’t be robbed?

:eek::smiley: hee!!! I suggest you first avail yourself for a vetting session, then we can discuss the way forward , I will do the vetting since I am the spokes person

Smooth twisty road with lots of upscents and descents coupled with reckless drivers.