About drone

Hello,I would like to ask if you can use the drone in Kenya. Do you want to a drone ?


Already ziko na zinatumika… Me guts zinaniambia we ni mlami umekuja marketing acha tuone ka uta rada

Ok, I got it,thank you ,and what language is spoken by Kenyan residents? Swahili or English ?

We speak Dothraki

yeah, thank you,the general body of Dothraki is tall and strong, right?:wink:
and how many Dothraki occupies Kenya’s population, I do not know much about it.

sasa oneni hii meffi inaniuliza story na GoT. Translation: We are about 45 milli Dothrakis occupying Kenya.

Jigranny meffii wewe

What does it mean? o_Oo_Oo_O