Abisai And The Mega Jackpot

Abisai ametulia sana kwani pesa iliisha?

Ako Amsterdam. He opened his design studio there.

Akinyamaza ni pesa pekeyake ina weza kukua chanzo…

Huko sasa ‘Red light district’ noma sana

ako na fixed ya 200M in a local bank, nigga hatawai sota in his lifetime.

How much will that 200M be worth in 10years, I wonder

He has his design business. He’ll be fine.

Some bright spark on this forum argued that the betting companies don’t release all the mega jackpot in one lumpsum but in small amounts. Don’t know if that’s the exact situation.

Forrowing keenry

I know in the US that happens. You can be given a taxed lumpsum or you get it tax free over a period of years.
In Kenya, you cannot offer money that isn’t there. The jackpot amount is kept in an interest bearing account and regularly confirmed by bclb. I think they give it all but I’ve also heard that quarterly payments are made ndio isiishe alafu ujiue (bad bad pr).
Jaribu kusema you’ll win 20m na uko 12. You will know. These days they’re very strict.

Sasa wewe uko Kenya ama US?

Ako na Fixed ya 200M in a Local bank. End of story.

Kwani you’re his banker?? Kohoa ulale.

I would do that too, get out of the country. Knowing my family siezi pumua na 200 million, nitaombwa and worst case scenario ntapata ‘accident’ mahali

I heard he is a managing director in one of the local betting firms

alitoroka Kenya akaenda kuoa wazungu na kuchenga huko kwao

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Alafu budake bado ananiuzianga kamba ya ng’ombe. Kuchapwa na jua nayo. Anyway itshislyf

Could be pride, awache shughuli zake zile amesomeshea watoto juu ya kuwekewa million kadhaa Kwa Bank?