A worthwhile T.B.T hapo zamani za kale

Who would have thought of this?
Sometimes I really doubt whether political nemesis actually exist !


:eek::eek::eek::eek:All Kenyans problem in one picture…:oops:

noma sana… what’s the story behind this ?

RAO akiwa young’n

it was a petition l think

Wetangula then was still playing with his mother’s tits

I think issue za 2005 referendum

Oya. If you ever buy a nduthi, come for free service.

Does anyone notice some order in the picture almost similar to the current political pecking order
…from right to left.

That’s very uncanny!

Odhiambo Levin Opiyo
21 hrs ·
Extracts of a secretly recorded telephone conversation at Cumberland Hotel on Nov 11th, 1961, at 06.39 in the morning.

Kenyatta: “Only fools believe in God.”

Odinga: “Yes… Yes…i doubt whether he exists, but we must keep this to ourself (sic) or else we will lose popularity.”