A wonder

Most ladies have a good face but a bad body - why? If you look at their faces, awesome, pleasing but their bodies very pathetic; why? It’s like they only care of their faces alone.

Ever seen a car with a good face but an ugly body?

You are very right. Especially Kikuyu women once they hit the thirties. They start looking like arrowroot tubers.

Ever heard of ‘Subaru?’ From their first (three-wheeled) car to present day (with a brief exception in the '00s, when they hired a fashion designer -yes, fashion designer) they have always churned out good engines in ugly bodies :smiley:
And there’s many cars that look good from the front but terrible from the back.

Tell me more and how does that has to do with ladies - do you say they have good engines?

Pay for her gym,hit her deep and well then you’ll see a good body

And stop comparing us to cars️️️️️

Guess I would ask you the same. Your initial post, and about women, included a car analogy, remember?