A Weak president,a weak social fabric

We all have a sense of insecurity.our current president is weak or seems to be,and our social fabric is not in a good state,it is about to disintegrate
We like it or not we don’t have a clear sense of direction.

I have a sense that we have been left to the elements hoping things will just fall in place.
Uhuru should act as a president or just quit.
Another thing,we need this PM not necessary for Raila but for posterity.yenyewe punda nikama amechoka.

Bad constitution, bad people who only feel their rights are superior to those of others… More like Shamba la Wanyama.

'Katiba ni mbaya tutatengeneza mbele…’ If you remember this statement, you know the source of your ills.

As Ruto once said, those in the presidency have a government to run and a nation to lead. Uhuru is not weak, he is just law-abiding and it should be assumed that the opposite of being weak is to act like Raila who acts as if he is immune to the rule of law.

Look,tomorrow we have a verdict coming.The guy should have given a press conference ,to assure the country tuko poa.
Saa jama anaka tu anasema ‘‘sasa mnataka nifanye nini?wacha watu wajipange!’’

But he has already stated that due process should be followed and that he will abide by the judgment. What else is he supposed to say?

Hii yako ndio Kelele. Aseme the country tuko poa na hatuko poa? Ama akisema hivo a miracle shall happen and poof!!!
Theres a reason the security apparatus is working overtime…

Eish sAwa


Kelele sio?wacha ufala


Honestly speaking, why would he say kila kitu iko poa? He’s been on the media before calling for the rule of law to be observed. Shouldn’t the judges deliver their verdict first then we see what actions he shall take. Chill jamaa.

Nime chill.lakini sahi cuzo yangu ana ni call ana ni show pale Umo kamenuka saa ata hio verdict iki come kesho na one of your family is no more whom will it benefit.
Wakae chini waonge na RAO.

Am in Umo and the problem iko Kayole, then panic gripped everyone Huko wakarudi hadi Umo.
If whoever you want wakae chini waongee has impossible demands before they sit down to discuss, ‘unataka afanye nini jameni?’

RAO want to bully his way to power, if Uhuru agree to that, then i will assume He is weak.
RAT was told to exhaust, all the constitutional avenues, to air his grievances, lakini wapi, The Bafoon, has taken to violence. As someone above has mentioned. Let’s wait for Uhuru to be sweared in.

Never understood why we give Raila this much attention yet he is just a mere opposition leader and our doom.

No one can pre-empt the outcome of the High Court. We have to await the final decision of the courts. We have to respect the Law.

“He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words.”
― Elbert Hubbard

big question, why refuse constitutional means and then move ahead to polarise your supporters then expect the head of state to stoop down to your level and engage you in an unmerited war

hapo ndipo nilijua ‘ibilisi ya mtu ni mtu’

Uganda screwed us during AU voting and opt for someone else than Amina . Magufuli is literally doing an oil check in our asses with his crazy despotic activities against Kenya.we have a weak prezo only time will tell…

Well if RAT folloed the law none of this happened …kwanza cjui huyu jamaa hutumia nn when we was away watu walikuwa wamesahau politics and one cld say nomalcy had resumed kiplani …jamaa amerudi nikaa amekuja na uchawi yote watu nikupigana tu

no president can be weak especially on his last term tungoje after inaguration tujionee