A US nurse gives a warning against Covid vaccine after developing palsy


A US nurse gives a warning against Covid vaccine after developing palsy

A Register nurse in Nashville, Tennessee, recorded a video message discouraging everyone from getting the vaccine. According to the victim of the Covid-19 vaccine, she has been suffering from facial paralysis for three days and describes the incident as “the worst thing ever”.

Hired by Obama to shit on operation warp speed. Typical democrat.

Remember the vaccine was mad-rushed through clinical tests and governments of many other countries have agreed to indemnify COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers should the vaccine fcuk you up straight like nurse Mitchell hapo juu, these are the UK, US and E.U meaning,if a person believes they have been injured by a vaccine, including future COVID-19 vaccines, they will need to pursue compensation through the legal system and it would appear the government would step up, should the person win their case …the government ‘will’ cover:certain liabilities that could result from the use of the vaccine.

25 other countries have a no-fault compensation schemes for rare vaccine side-effects,the Japs,Krauts, Baguettes,Kiwis,Congs,kimchis even Canada and Italy,wameambia watu waende wakikaukaga,hawalipi mtu.

Yunares steits imeambia mafala wasijali,budget italipa,pesa otas!!!..problem is ile dough utalipwa ni kama ile @Chifu ameamrisha, ukiumwa na mbuzi ya jirani ,ndogo kushinda ya mtu wa mjengo,hio ya juu utajipanga

Corona issa SCAM!

Sometimes I think you’re on to something…well, covid definitely exists but the way they’re locking down stuff and shutting people’s liberties concerns me. I feel like I’m living in the twilight zone around here. Very strange things are happening!

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Hii ni sterilization wanafanya


Trump akisema iko sawa, sisi kama MAGA tunasema iko sawa. Biden supporters wasondeke yao.

Tukigeuza ushindi BLM na Antifa wakute tumewangoja. Si you know njaruos and hurling boulders. Wakiongozwa na @Swansea from Nyakach Constituency.

Kabisa. :smiley: Unaona vile wanafanya Trump, unbelievable eh. Veeery bad people. Wasaliti.

If we were to take vaccines for every little virus or what not we came across we would no different from walking robots.

Wanajaribu kutupia Pence kacovid ndio asifike bunge.

@Kahuni Maisha any intel?

2021 is going to be nastier than 2020.

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After the introduction and release of Coronavirus in early 2020, things will never be the same again. In fact it’s like things will only get worse.