A Typical Kenyan Stereotype With Clear GEMA Overtones.....

Did U know If a Kikuyu, Luo, Kalenjin, and Luhya were all to be employed on the same day at the same organization,
say Kenya Ports Authority, Mombasa and you visited them after 10 years, this is what you would find:

-Living in his own house in Mombasa; family living in Mombasa; happily settled at coast
-Has rental houses, matatu in Mombasa
-Owns a small car 1300cc EFI
-Meets a friend at a local cheap bar for nyama choma and one or two beers discussing business

-Living in a big expensive rented house.
-Has a big car 4000cc petrol on loan.
-Family living in Mombasa
-No investments; Thinks of investing back home but fears being bewitched
-Leader of KPA Trade Union;
Always complaining, agitating for fairness/equitable distribution of resources
-Believes Kikuyu’s are thieves
-Meets ten friends in a pub with loud music with beautiful ladies each person has six beers waiting to be drunk and politicking.

-Family living in Kericho while he works in Mombasa; wishes there was a Port in Kericho so that he could be nearer home
-Has small car 1300cc which is in Kericho
-Has bought a small farm in Kericho
-Drinks beer/choma alone or with fellow clansmen and usually fewer discussions

-Has 2 wives; one in Bungoma, the other in Mombasa
-Hopes to get a Luhya MD to give him a promotion to ease the burden of 2 families
-No investments. Beer/Choma, Lingala music, and sweet sixteen girls are his favorite.

Na bado ana tombewa bibi coz ako na erectile dysfunction

You cünt stop profiling people.

Wewe mkisii Ni mbwa Koko takataka hii

I have grown older and stopped generalizing stuff. My most trusted supllier is an Okuyu. The very apartment I live in is owned by a Luo. And several of my Okuyu gfs rarely ask me for money. Stereotyping tuachie genwration ya wasee wajinga wenye wanavaa pampers na pantie na akili imejaa jiggers kama @BADASS We should know better. Change begins with uz

Did you just say GEMA overtones? oh no you didn’t!

Niaje jimit? lakini bila generalizing,sio wajaluo wengi watchmen kama wewe

Ukweli kabisaa. Ata bila generalizing nko very sure kuna female moja kwa familia yenyu ako pale Koinange Street inapanua kuma wide mpaka duodenum inaonekana.

Nini mbaya @Motokubwa, Kwani ulikuliwa bibi long d!ck style?

Tulia mungiki

Kuwa mpole.

Na bila generalizing najua kwenu hakuwezi kosa mwanaume anayetumika kutomba maiti



The things a jigger fested mind imagines

And foreskin deluded mind denies

Mungich pikia bibi kabla utombwe ghassia

Shoga mbwa Koko takataka niwache

Kapike mtura chafu ufurishe 140kg matakooo

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D. Si mna ufala.