A trending habbit when a new chick lands abroad from kenya

Hehehe i happen to travel abroad ones a while and kuna observation i made. Sijui kama ni shortage iko huko majuu ama ni njaa ya wanaume. The moment a new girl lands into the country from kenya anakuwa kama mavi vile huvutia a swarm of houseflies. They have a term for them…the new chic is called kienyeji…and every single man is competing against each other to be the first one to split her cameltoe. Soon she is tossed from one dude to the other one. Manzi anawekwa mileage ile mbaya mbovu. Halafu maninja wanaanza kuingia karura. Most guys term the girls as naive as in hawajachanuniwa na system ya majuu. Yaani the girl might have been a high miles kunguru akitoka Kenya lakini vile anapiganiwa majuu waweza fikiria shes a virgin. Crazy world it is. Wazito shukuruni maulana mko mtaani bana. Kule nje ni kunoma

Ebu step back and spell it out. Tell the truth and shame the devil. Majuu gani? had she come as a student, a spouse joining a spouse, a refugee, family reunion, scholarship,??? wacha kutuharibia jina. Give us some case studies and point out the countries in question.

The term for any newbie is not Kienyenji. It is FORB. Fresh off the boat sababu pia accent haiwezi…Don’t lie.

Uko na mileage tulia.

Touchdown is the term. The ones who went straight from shags. Saw Nairobi at night on the way to the airport.

Yes I do according to you and some others here. I got a hubby and kids…what more do I want? wee ni wache.

Wewe ni kunguru by definition?

That is for you to decide and hopefully leave me alone unless you have something else to say.

Ouuuuuuch, that is gorra hurt.

Do such people exist nowadays? I think as visa restrictions have tightened, only people with means go abroad. Siku za watu wa ocha kuenda kwa Trump or Canada zillisha.

Ulikataa kutuwekea picha ya Chapo ati plate Itaku “dox”…

eish umeteta sana… we are reading in between not the main lines

Numbers dramatically reduced starting in the mid 2000s.

Kuna kimtu kinakaa in a neighboring country and If I post mbishas while not knowing what I am doing nitakiona hapa.
But anayho you all know what chapos look like…sometime this year I will jielimisha kutuma cropped piks…photography ain’t my thing AT ALL.

Besides each time some food piks are posted here shallow minds look at everyting else bar the food itself. Cook by imagination.

Read what you like. Once a post goes out we are not responsible for how it is interpreted or read. Donge? guud.

Simmer down lady…this is mostly in states. People who live there can relate. Especially highly populated areas by kenyans eg Dallas TX, Boston MA, Atlant, GA. Most of the ladies wameenda studies as newbies and other who went as greencard holders. Hata kuna mamanzi wanapelekangwa states by their spouses…wakifika states wanaanza madharau kwa mwenye aliwalete. Alot of ladies who are brought to usa from kenya wanafikanga usa wanajua kuna freedom na hawawezi kaliwa huko. Wanamea pembe na kuanza vita. Most marriages end when the wife relocates to states. Am telling you coz i have been there and i still maintain alot of friends there.

Which is I asked you to be specific about location. Don’t tar us all with the same brush. Even those who come and post about Europe in general without naming the country sound v foolish to me.

Am not referring to UK…i have never been there but would love to visit. This mainly occurs im states…and not all ladies do it. But there have been so many cases like these. Wenye wako states can attest to what am saying. Alot of local gals love to get married to guys in diaspora but they are not in love. They are opportunistics who try to escape hard life in kenya

Please refer to my post. Hakuna mahali nimesema wewe ama all ladies. Nimesema it happens. Hata huko london am sure it happens. So before unirukie soma chenye nimesema. Siko hapa ku argue. Peace

Dude you should have specified and we would not be here. Go back to your original post about majuu…anyway why are we here? I am here to dispel lies and fakeness. Next time name the Country.

I don’t get why you are complaining @MTINGIZA KITANDA!!! . Kama ulikamua slices good for you, hivyo ndivyo watu huchanuliwa… She’ll wisen up 2 years down the line.

Kama hukukamua slices, hii ni wivu tu. Ngojea Fresh of the Boat wako na uchukue slices in rotation. The game is to be played, not talked about.