a track for us all

yea nasumbua usiku so iko niinni!!!
An idea just came to me and thought I would pick up the best(zile mtu za relationships)ideas kwa kijiji…

Slept kwa studio and needed to come up wth something all you fuuu*****ers talk about RELATIONSHIPS!!!

Two different perspectives on kukaliwa chapo nani amekalia nani???No too much details zile sensible details ntaziangalia kesho try to come up with a catchy melody ya zote…Zikam


So your great idea is to steal our ideas,turn them into some “catchy Melody” which you will take credit for? :confused::confused:


:)he too clefer!

@leviathon = Timmy T-dat


@Kimmy amekaliwa chapo na @DeliciousShiko kubebeana bikini bag ndo zake, sasa kazi kwako

@pseudonym yea

@nairobilay uyo ako shiiiini