A time is coming

When clean water will be more expensive than petrol, when a kilo of maize will be more valuable than a kilo of gold. With the current pollution levels people will be buying bottled air at a premium. Air cans complete with a small gas mask just like you buy Dasani water. In Shanghai and other industrialized cities in China the air quality is so poor that sometime viability is reduced to juts a few feet.

Shanghai on good day

Bottle Air

conspiracy theory…but it’s a good scare to those who pollute

By that time tutakuwa tumekufa so wenye watakuwa uhai shida yao

Ndo iyo sasa

I saw a gadgets that coverts air to water.
You only need @Thitima!

Wameanza kuuza hewa :smiley:

:D:D:D:D:D funny, he wajukuu wako hawataumia ? Watanunua hewa tu!

Kai ugurukaga? Sasa nipate na stress ati sababu wajuu wataumia…nefe efa.