A thread on marriage: so many discouraging comments

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I can only see kids in the comments section…they must have seen how miserable their parents marriages were

:D:D:D:D:D…Red pill imetembea kutembea, #Mgtow=Freedom

sad thing is how most sound skeptical about marriage

it seems that very few people will enter into marriage in future

Those are the ones who don’t know the real meaning of marriage and the sweetness of it, as per described in the Holy Books. Hakuna raha kama kufungua ndoa HALALI katika maisha ya ubinadamu.
Myself experiencing that, this being my 21st year being in a marriage .

Bad news travels faster, so bad marriages and domestic problems will always dominate headlines rather than people who have good and happy marriages.

A single person living in apartment block where he can hear the neighbors wife akichapwa kama burukenge can develop a completely pessimistic view of marriage from that single event.

Should we blame him or her for generalizing that marriage is a shitty deal? Of course not.

From a risk analysis perspective, it’s the most rational attitude every thinking human being should have, when scary stories about marriage dominate the news cycle. Nobody has time for statistics when self preservation and human happiness is at stake.

A spike in the number of single mothers is a clear indication the new generation are not considering marriage as a priority

Marriage is not for the faint hearted. Kwanza kama huna pesa ni taabu tupu. Sikiza hao waluhya wa patanisho n u will discover the common thread in all those cases ni mwanaume hata kakitu. Multiply that by the rate of unemployment n u realize maisha ya ndoa sio mchezo. That is why gay men like @Mimi Huwa Namwaga Ndanii tend to be happier.

Angaya Nathan is dying of hunger,in Maslow’s hierarchy most of these people are in the security stage, It’s like going to Korogocho or Kibra and telling people to self actualize, they will not understand what you are saying

Patanisho is a scripted show. Get that through your skull. Any such segments on radio are scripted to bring in more listeners, hence, advertising revenue.
Hata wale wa “nimeshinda”. The whole ruckus is rigged man.
Get off that bandwagon ya kuwaste time.

Words are wind, if you wish not to join the institution then do not.

The wisest decision ( and btw i have made so many smart decisions ) i ever made in my 20s was staying away from that nonsense called ‘marriage’ . All my campus buddies wenye walikimbilia kuoa are all either separated, divorced or estranged from their whoring wives.

MGTOW = money!

kwanza Jeff Kipagat ni MGTOW damu!

This will be you veerrrry very soon.



meaning uko katika speedometer yakufika 21years marriage au ndio aje ?

Kumbe wewe ni mzee hivyo?

yeah maisha tumebeba sanaa now its settling down alafu age haina aibu au nivipii !

Very true brother

precisely 43 come april- InshaaAllah ( God Willing).