A theory

People are actively more depressed because of depleting oxygen levels in the world hence your brain is not getting enough oxygen to properly function.To make it worse the already depleted oxygen going to your brain is not even pure but contains a wide range of impurities.More people are depressed & suicidal today than at any point in Earths history.Even at years of world wars people were not as depressed. This crisis will reach an epidemic level at one point and we’ll see people committing suicides everyday and everywhere.It would be like a plague.3/5 people will commit suicide at the peak of this catastrophe.

i beg to disagree

The Bible says that in the last days, people will desire to die but death will flee from them. There’s some truth in your statement. But the deaths will not be as many as you state.

Chickens die everyday nobody bats an eye, want to kill yourself?..

Go ahead create room


Humans are the most intelligent beings on the planet, we make the environment to adapt to us and not the other way round. The theory about depression is far fetched, were you there during those times to assess the depression levels. Depression is not a new phenomenon but has always existed, it is part of being human. What has only changed is the triggers e. g in the past there were frequent wars, diseases, food shortage etc which caused depression

Assessment zako ziko down. No facts!!!

Did u major in literature?

So according to your theory, the people who live in high elevations, like the Himalayas and the Andes where the air is thinner are more depressed than those who live in the cities? People are painfully ignorant about this disease.

Yes and science backs it. Read widely, expand your knowledge mkiwa na @Sergeant
Researchers Examine Altitude's Role In Depression And Suicide : NPR

Oxygen could help in the battle against depression - Oxygen Worldwide

How high altitudes could raise risk of depression, suicide

How convenient you chose America out of the places I mentioned, bring me Himalayas and Andes suicide rates compared to the corresponding cities of the countries where those mountains ranges are located in. And btw the places you mentioned in the US hata Mount Kenya inashinda when it comes to elevation. You could have at least mentioned the mountains in Alaska but I would have asked about the never ending winter and it’s effects on suicide.

Sadly no

I provided actual proof that linked Oxygen levels and mental health.

Stop being argumentative and debating just for the sake of it. Makes you look like a fool.

You provided nothing, and you proved nothing, this isn’t some single variable study, and stop projecting your feeling like a fool on me, bring me data sio articles that only serve your purpose.