A simple explanation as to why Hollywood as a whole is STRONGLY against President Trump.

[SIZE=5]Schwarzenegger executed more Californians as governor than Trump ever will but today the same Schwarzenegger is busy pretending to be a human rights defender and even calling Trump a racist mass murderer. And yet as governor Arnold was known as the Terminator because of how he loved executing black criminals to be exact. [/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]There’s even an old video of Snoop Dogg unleashing angry salvos/expletives at Governor Schwarze[/SIZE][SIZE=6]negger[/SIZE][SIZE=5], the terminator of niggahs.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]So what is the main driving force for this HOLLYWOOD outright negativity against President Trump? Why does Trump have to go?[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Simple MONEY. Chinese money.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]China population 1.4 billion. That’s a huge film audience.[/SIZE]



World total Ticket Sales : $ 2,797,800,564

China alone : $ 657,444,528.02

[SIZE=6]Furious 7[/SIZE]


Whole world total Ticket sales : $1.515 billion

U.S Domestic sales alone : $353 million

China sales alone : $400 million

[SIZE=6]The Fate of the Furious[/SIZE][SIZE=6] [/SIZE]https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/2/2d/The_Fate_of_The_Furious_Theatrical_Poster.jpg

World sales :$1.23 billion

U.S sales : $226 million

China sales : $ 393 million DOLLARS!!!

[SIZE=7]CONCLUSION[/SIZE] : [SIZE=7]You do not bite the hand that feeds you![/SIZE]

[SIZE=5]Netflix, Amazon , Hulu etc are set to enter China once President Trump leaves.

@Kahuni Maisha it appears the swamp was simply too deep. Just too deep.[/SIZE]

Take that, you shit stain skid mark. We have more serious things to do.

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Narrows down to $$, the Chinese middle class is some that make big tech Drool and play CCP tune.

Ongeza , the talk of $15 minimum wage, as the Biden administration is talking about. That’s the end of small and middle level Businesses.

It appears that Deep state want as many jobs as possible to be off shored to China because if you raise minimum wage to $15 automatically the employer will seek cheaper workers elsewhere; where exactly??? China or Mexico.

Instead of attracting investment they want to chase it away.

You might see companies like McDonalds shipping in burgers from India or China because wages in those countries are cheaper. Forbes wrote about it :

McDonald's Really Can Offshore Jobs In The Face Of Rising Wages You Know

The end result is to kill Mom and Pap business, they won’t be able to compete in that environment, leaving the arena for the big buck businesses.
If you can’t out source for slave labor, you’re done. Then bring in open borders. That’s cheap labor in there, which will destroy the remaining American Middle class.

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And with the incoming Latino slave labour force they will get even more unsolicited MAIL IN BALLOTS which is a win win for the Democrats.

They already flipped California and Arizona using illegals. Next target ,Texas???

Gop ni kama imeisha. Small businesses dead. But wacha wadinywe ndio wapate akili.

When Californians have been fucked in the buttocks thoroughly their brain cells might start working again. But first they need a very thorough fu.ck. Wacha drugs zijae kila mahali.

Those black Americans in Georgia should also enjoy a thorough fucking from their useless elected officials. It seems a black person only learns the hard way.

do you know the function of the block button and where it’s located ?

Patco nikikushika lazima nikuchunishe kales

The strongest man is he who stands alone. Though mimi nilianza kuchukia Trump ile siku alishirikiana na Russia kuua Qassem Soleimani

wait the green deal to be resuscitated, we go back to $4.00 gas, soon good times will be behind us. Nyeuthi need to understand that, there’re the most venerable people, and will be first group to feel the heat if the economy goes south ?

Nyeuthi can never understand hata uwafanyie nini. Trump worked tirelessly inviting them to roundtables na ni ujinga tu walikuwa wanasema kwa hizo roundtables. None of them talked of cheap loans to black businesses or laws that will help their communities grow faster.

An ordinary black American thinks that the best help is the one that comes from a Democrat leader. Sijui ni nini walipewa hao watu.

How can a President promise you $500 billion in investments and you still give him the finger and yet he is speaking to you personally ? :smiley:

He calls you to the white house and promises you personally that he will do it and you still shaft him in the election. I have concluded they cannot be helped.

And they are the ones who use cars the most. $4 dollar gas itawaumiza proper.

I remember during Bush era every black comedian used to start their act by complaining about the price of gas yet Bush is in Iraq.

story za hand out banaa, i’ve worked with able bodied nyeuthi, who can’t work over a certain set amount of time , for fear or losing some benefits. The handout culture is real.

The Democratic Party elite , usually make decision that are detrimental to the middle class, while themselves are well insulated from the repercussions.