A second chance in life...

Amidst all these hekayas za threshold, I thought I can give one of a real life experience of complete turnaround …

Back in 1988-1990, the there is church did not have a worship place in the CBD, they would gather at one of the rooms at city hall (this was long before they moved to the Kenya polytechnic halls) on Saturday mornings and have two programmes of service from 8.30-10.30 am and another from 10.45-12-45pm. Being a weekend the toilets were very dirty, being a pioneer church and in the spirit of service and in a bid to provide a comfortable environment the early pastors/elders would be there early to ensure the facilities were clean in addition to arranging chairs.
This was a task that needed time and precision and there was one pastor had dedicated himself the task of waking up every early on Saturday morning to ensure that the toilets were clean, seats were arranged and everything was ready for service. For purposes of this hekaya let us call him Pastor K.

So each saturday morning as Pastor K was heading to city hall kufanya usafi na kupanga viti he would get some twilight girls ending their shift and they would cat-call him…
Prostitute: Eeeh Mwanaume, kuja tukupe shot moja ya kufunga…
Pastor: Hapana mimi nipastor naenda kufanya kazi ya mungu…
Prostitute: Kamoja ka kufukuza baridi… Kwanza wewe ndio tunapenda, hauna ugonjwa… nitakuongeza moja free…
Pastor K: Hapana my sister. Kuwa na siku njema.
Prostitute: Na kwani wewe ni kanisa gani unaamka asubuhi hii yote?
Pastor: Hapana sister, naenda kupanguza na kupanga viti kabla huduma.

This was repeated week after week… as he became more free with them, one day one of the girls (for purposes of the hekaya call her sister G) asked;
“Pastor leo naweza kusaidia kazi?” of course the pastor was taken a back. He did not know what to answer. Since he was not sure he decided that that probably God was talking to him… however as a human being in his mind he was wondering how and what the early worshipers and his fellow pastors would think should they bump into the lady.
Throwing caution to the wind he gladly invited her to come and help.
As the weeks went on, Pastor K would come and Sister G would help clean up. As they continued to work, Pastor would invite Sister G to stay for worship, but wapi. However as it would be, she agreed and said she would come next week but hana nguo ya kuchange since the ones she had were zile za kutega usiku. In appreciation for the cleaning work alikuwa anafanya (not slices) pastor akajitolea and bought her a dress for church a bible and a hymnal.
The next week after the wmorning washing and wiping of chairs, sister G changed into her dress and joined the congregation … for her she would later confess was a very new and strange experience but would be the start of her membership in that church… As the church expanded and moved to upperhill, she approached pastor with a request to help her secure a job and put her (shameful) past behind… Concidentally the new location required a helping hand and a few other church members had noticed her enthusiasm in working for the church, so when Pastor K (with a lot of doubts/fear) forwarded her name it was readily accepted and started working for the church.
In his heart Pastor feared what would happen the day her background would be discovered… and it did not take long…
One time there was a crusade aimed at converting new souls Sister G requested to giver her testimony… Pastor K thought his termination and excommunication from the church had finally come…
However by the time Sister G had given her story, there was not a single person that didn’t shed tears…

and yes… she got married a few years later to a church elder’s son… Pastor K as the officiating minister…

Church elder’s son? Good luck to the boy.

No situation in life is permanent. You cannot choose where you were born but only YOU can decide where you will live.

Are you the son?

change is good even for the church elders son

unfortunately no…:D:D:D:D:D

:D:D Hallelujah…

Hadithi nzuri yenye udambwi udambwi

No one changes you can only evolve to be a better version of yourself _banshee

I love the hekaya… …is inspiring one!

Some pastors and elders have some of the most immoral children on earth. I know of a hot thing that gave me a massage and I fucked her brains out. We met the next day at a church function where she was introduced to me as the daughter of elder fulani

So huyo poko hakuwa na nguo zengine except zile za kutega?

I dare say you are carrying us baby.

halafu wakifanya job huyo pastor hakuwa anambao vile hao malaya huvaa nguo fupi ama alikuwa eunuch kama mundu mulosi?

@Tommy Lee Sparta leta ile picha


i see what you mean there,but hii inakaa kufugika…but why was the pastor k fearing wakati wa ushuhuda?thought the lady G atasema vyenye alipea mpaka pastor slices kwa church?good for him tje lady omitted that part during ushuhuda,a sigh of relief for the pastor.

nice hekaya, but wewe ulikuwa wapi hizo wiki zote? Ama wewe ndiye Pastor K?

unatubeba ufala lakini… yaani pastor alikataa kuchukua slices kwa Lady G??

since wewe ndo mwenye hekaya… najua lady G ulipita na yeye

There are men of the cloth who are pure and true believers. Sio the mbwa mwitu in sheep clothing that have saturated the house of prayer

sometimes in life all you need is someone who wont give up on you