A ruthless thug like Linturi is what Agriculture ministry needs.

Agriculture ministers who have performed well over years are mean, loud, angry and love making money, a lot of it. Remember Kaliech Omamo, Nyachae, Ruto, Kipruto Kirwa. Linturi is perfectly one of them.
When you give it to simps and pushovers like Kiunjuri and Felix Koskei, it’s farmers who suffer: these two catapulted under minimal pressure from cartels, and farmers paid for it dearly starting with shady importations of maize.
Linturi will kick arse, benefiting while angrily going for those after the crumbs he has left for farmers.

Yaani unaandika prose hii yote ili kujustify wizi na ultra corruption ukimsanitize akuwe acceptable to serve in a public office?

A ruthless thug mwenye alikataliwa kwao nyumbani…

Kicking ass will mean ONLY 2 things

  1. revival of the stalled projects
  2. Initiate LARGE SCALE fertilizer ptoduction in Kenya (it is sctually very easy)
    anything short of that is :meffi: SHONDE

This will remain to be a pipe dream, there is too much money to be made in the importation of the fertilizer and grains.

Importation of food in general. Politicians have too much to lose by allowing Kenyans be self-sufficient

I kid you not if he somehow gets past vetting despite the criminal charges, yeye ndiye atakuwa wa Kwanza kufutwa amongst the other CSs. Hiyo ministry, health, Defense Ni easy Sana kufutwa kakinuka

Hapo kwa fertilizer it’s true.


They’ll lack something to use to get elected. Mbwa kama JSKSLMMNMT rode on the lack of unga to propel himself to state house.

They know satisfied and well fed people will not give a shit about politics or even bother to vote.

Am still believing kalejingas hid their maize to create shortage.

Linturi is an arrogant stock broker, he is an amateur when it comes to Agriculture, hapo Mimi kama Die hard supporter wa KK Nasema We have been served with a raw deal.

Imagine this clueless clown in a stakeholders meeting with foreign dignitaries. Hapa tumeambulia patupu.

Wizi na ukosefu wa kupinga wizi kwa njia ya kueneza ufahamu kwa Wenyenchi ndio shida kuu.
Mwanzo nimepata njia ya kupata nafaka kutoka Ikraina kupitia Latvia lakini kuchikua chakula sumu kumpa mzalendo ni kujiletea balaa ya jehanam.

Kuunda kiwanda cha kutengeneza mbolea ni jambo rahisi sana lakini baafrigha ni shida tu:meffi: