A question to village entomologists

Why is it that sometimes there are soooo many mosquitos just buzzing everywhere, especially in your ear, then like the next day there’s none at all? Where do these things retire to? Juzi nilitafunwa saidi, leo nimejaribu kuconcentrate na sijaskia mbu ata mmoja. Kumenyamaza kama maji ya mtungi. Explain this shit right now!


Uliza uwesmakende yeye ndio alisomea mosquito husbandry pale Shikwekwe Village Polytechnic

Captain Meffi iyo salo yako ya 9k si uamue kama mbaya mbaya ubuy mosquito net safi

Pokea mjulus bila kusumbua

Typical bonobos, even if they don’t know the answer they must make sure their nonsensical opinions are heard.

Sometimes the presence or absence of mosquitoes in a room is dependent on
windows/doors being open or shut during a crucial 1h period between 5.30pm 6.30pm