A question to the android gurus

why is it that when i download a photo from this village the photo cannot be opened by my phone…ni kijiji mbaya ama simu yangu?


It could just be your native app for displaying images cant open that particular type of image. What kind of image are you trying to open?

Most images from this website are downloaded with a .php format. So just open your file manager locate the image n rename it wit a .jpg or .jpeg file extension.

#Nairobilay…its actually all of the photos posted in the site am using a samsung and apart from the default photo viewer and the gallery which come with the phone i havent downloaded any other app for the same…

#Deorro when i try opening them through the file manager i only get a message that am unable to open since no application can perform it…But kindly forgive my ignorance and give me a tutorial on how to carry out the procedure you described above…

wewe unajua kusoma yawa? i said open your file manager, go to the location where the files are stored/where you downloaded. now choose any then rename vile nimesema

here is a visual representation
open download location. eg in my case lets change index_5.php iwe 1ndex_5.jpg as shown

next long press on the file hadi uone the following options. depends on your file manager app. for me natumia Es file explorer. select rename

delete the php n change it to jpg or jpeg ama png ama any image file format supported by phone


utaona the file humo ndani.

now open it with a gallery app of your choice

… hope umesaidika sasa @benja

Nimesaidika thanks #Deorro

charge hiyo simu boss

pia BTF inaedit vizuri,
or use uc browser to avoid such