a question for the doctors in ktalk

which is the best place i can get the following tests done:

lipid profile
renal function test

Fill up these forms Dr. @Luther12 will see you shortly.

@Unicorn do you work as @Luther12 receptionist? I thought you applied for the job of @ekamsweu assistant. Or do they share an office? :eek::eek::eek::eek:

I’m a lowly paid receptionist at Luther’s office that’s why i was looking for an alternative. Punda amechoka…


Go to Medanta on Waiyaki way.

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Any competent lab should be able to do that.

:D:D:D Eti punda amechoka.Nimecheka yangu yote.Hii ni kutokwa.
Daktari hebu sikia hii maneno.

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