A question for the atheists.

How do you guys marry.

Im guessing your question is religiously biased,christian to be precise.Im not an atheist,but marriage is under law of the land, be it traditional or state institution,manugu ndio waliweka under religion. Ruracio in itself is under tradition and so is the other thing “kuhanda ithege” or something,kila kabila iko na yake as practicesd waaaay back before white man made folks kneel,praise,worship and obey the white god. Mimi nilioa ki mila and later took govt papers for formalities.

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Marriege is in it’s bare form companionship, the rest are just telenovelas to make it seem bigger than what it is… A conscious decision, which to me is the reason many are collapsing.
They are hollowed out by the shows until the support system caves in.

Hehe, you’ll be shocked at the leeway women will give you once you are attractive enough.

Enyewe kama wewe ni sura personal, tembea tu na Yesu

Are you? Or you follow what the white jisas tells to do? If that aint stupid i dont know what is.

probably cohabiting or civil marriage traditional hapakosi that overly religious christian relative who will pray sing give a sermon etc

I am Muslim

Aah the “peace be upon you” ninja. Good for you

This has never been a problem