A psychological analysis of Kenyatalk

As something of a psychologist, here’s my theoretical evaluation of ghe KenyaTalk population. I’ll be brief as possible

I will answer the question why mbona mko drawn to prostitutes… Why should it be this subset of the population which meets at this forum?? Because the like attract each other
The reason is deeper than you think na it stems from your childhood. Wazazi wenu ni your greatest reason why mnapenda easy access to sex

Soo ukifanya psychology kama mimi, utajua the single most important thing that defines our relationships ni attachment theory
Kuna the avoidants, the anxious ones na the secure ones.

So hii ni a brief overview of what other people are.
Avoidants ni wale independent and fucked up ones. They don’t need partners to thrive. Their parents walikua rarely in their lives. Hence the fierce independence. Relationships with them ni mateso
Secure ones ni the normal ones. Best people to date

Then there’s the anxious ones (nyinyi maghasser wote huku)
Mnakwanga attached sana. Your parents walikua inconsistent with the love while you were young. Leo mnapendwa, kesho mko abandoned. So subconsciously, mkaform the need for an unhealthy amount of affection. That’s why mko attached kwa kila relationship mnaingia. So your subconscious mind in the quest for love and affection, will confuse sex for love. Sex for you ni the epotome of love. Because kwa akili yenu, it is their body anawapatia. They have committed themselves to you. What can be greater than that??? That, in your mind, is love

na najua mtasema ni bibi anasumbua, sijui oh “ni manjaa”… But hii yenu ni a subconscious crave for love. Visitations ya kenyatalk to prostitutes ni unhealthy.
kwa psychology, the term is “an anxious preoccupied attachment”.
People pleasing is what you people best. But therapy itawasaidia.
Sana sana si ati mko addicted to sex. Its the crave for love. The first step kuwachana na mapoko ni kuji-understand.

Freud said…kanyonye ####ko

Cowards and low esteemed fellows.They can’t sweet talk a lady to her pants so they’ve to buy sex and are proud to parade their escapades huku through “wangapi”

Ok hero and high esteem…weka effidence…else…

Parading “wangapi” ni kutafuta validation. They want to fit in society
But now watu huku wako drawn to sex ni more than low self esteem but a subcknci6need for love

True, even some elders have their phone numbers and social media handles, kila time ni kustlak . Utaskia oh huyu also dubai, oh huyu ameolewa na beta male ,oh huyu anauzia mwiki kwake. Bunch of losers

peleka mahubiri hukooo …Hadi Samson wa bible alikuwa anatomba lanye

Clear Umeffi thread…


Kama vile okonkwo aliambia his pussyfied villagemate:
This meeting is for men.

Kenya talk ni a male space, wanawake na metrosexuals you’re just visitors.

Alafu pia wewe @Jehovah Wanyonyi ni meffi analysis uko nayo.

The most disgusting forum ni sex and relationships, if only one could hide it for good. Funny though it’s the part that has most threads, most threads being geared towards degrading opposite gender and promotion of prostitution. I remember when the forum used to be safisha Macho only by troll face and not a stage for the two gender to tear each other apart.

Mrs. Njora niaje.

Where does that leave you Mr. Analyst?

Huku hapana papasa wanaume na ukweli:D:D:D:Dpapasa makende Yao kwanza

Sioni shida iko wapi nikikula pesa zangu za rustling na Malaya zangu pole pole bila kusumbua mtu. Unajua familia ngapi get to sleep with a full stomach from my actions that you so adamantly condemn. Na bado sija hesabu the several hoe’s (side chic’s) I maintain at middle class neighborhoods, the several pre wall young soft meat … that I help make their lives easy through collage by paying rent,token, groceries n wat not … never mind my main bitch living at a high end condo doing fuck all. Nigger my impact to humanity is greater than any self advocating, self righteous, upstanding, morally right and politically correct ma’fucker out there. Fuck u talking bout man …

social media is truly a soul-sucking void of meaningless affirmation. Patieni kijana likes buana

The forum is very diverse not just one kind of character. I started using the ignore button liberally on the wangapi crew and my experience has greatly improved. I was reminded of this recently when I visited the site without logging in and was surprised by the trash bottom of the barrel threads


I this life I have to curate your experience…peleka nyani siberia

Baki alinunua ya mako ndio ukazaliwa

Hebu nijaribu hii nione kama mambo yatabadilika