A or B

[ATTACH=full]5592[/ATTACH] This Pic was posted in a forum i am in which has so many guys and they were asked to choose… B carried the most votes…



What do you mean when you say a “forum which has so many guys” please elaborate?

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He are many than she. just like this village where ratio is 1:29

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I would go for A.

B hadi kwa Mkia

A, banging a chic with big hips and buttocks Ni stress. They are only good for ogling.


I choose G …as in @msalame grace :rolleyes::stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhhh…has it ever crossed your mind that there could be women and there masquerading as men

kizungu ni ngumu kweli!

ION- when did you conduct the census?

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you would know, perhaps…

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I choose @Supu don

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B all day everyday

Any option for both? as in @Supu don and @Unicorn?

We are together on this one bro. I remember once nikiwa bachelor nilichota dame size ya B tukaenda home. I have never regretted and felt bad like that day. Dame ni mzito huwezi pendua yeye kwa urahisi venye unataka na akikuja juu, you feel like you are carrying two bags of cement, wewe pumzi kwisha!! Had to resort to doggy coz that is the only way you can dominate her. Problem ni kwamba hata hapo alikuwa anachoka haraka sana had to count that episode as a loss of my time na nikalala.


definitely B
Smelly vagina
will fuck up my lower back
smelly vagina
lack of variety
smelly vagina

76.58% of statistics are made up on the spot

62% of women in Lichtenstein fantasize about Kikuyu men

…including this one.