a men only thread: share with us yr circumcision experience?

When and how did u undergo the cut? i will begin, I hd just cleared my KCPE…i had one week o resting before going for the cut. It was a thursday cold morning, my dad drove me to Aga Khan hospital nairobi. He had already made an appointment so when we arrived the Doctor told me leo utakuwa mwanaume. He later called a male nurse (he was luhya)…the male nurse led me to a certain room and gave me zile gown za wagonjwa and said toa nguo uvae hii gown na hizi slippers. Si u know zile gown kama nguo ya madem…ehe hizo. After changing nikatoka nje where he was waiting for me. He took my clothes and said utapata after umemaliziwa…him being a luhya he said leo utakula kuku kijana juu unakuwa mwanaume.

He led me to a waiting room where i found three other boys about my age dressed like me also waiting. Every one was tense…akuna kuongeleshana juu ya uoga. A nurse would come in every 20 or 1/2 an hour to call out a name…yaani next victim… Every time i saw that nurse come into the room i would get so scared…As i was waitng my fate another patient joined us…he was a 50 sumthing y.o jaluo who had decided to get the cut too. I knew he was luo coz he nyeusi tititi…alafu dude tries to start a conversation to ease his tensions but u could clearly see he was also scared.

My time arrived, the nurse walked in and said Gnabry…you are next!! mayoooooooo…wacha niingie theater , i find three surgeons…two male and one female preparing mavisu and scissors and some other funny metal looking things…the room was semi dark bt there was one bright light imemulika bed.apo ndio ilikuwa my kichinjio… Anyway was told to lie on the bed…and then a mini curtain was placed just above my stomach such thta i could not see my diK gettin cut bt could see the surgeons faces. Nikapigwa sindano ka mdeki…sindano kama ttu…ile ya uchungu ilikuwa ile ya kati kati…rm there no more pain…wakakataa alafu nikapigwa stitches na bandage ikawekwa…Could nt hide my joy when the female surgeon told me that the ordeal was over and i was free to go…but b4 she let me go …she held my hand and whispered smthing in my ears…she said yr name is Gnabry right? i said yes…well gnabry u got one hell of BIG “D” or a boy yr age…here is my number, call me when u get healed…ever since Gnabry has become a lady magnet…

In picture…that is Gnabry

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Hoya Alert


These are not things men discuss in the open unless they are sitting with muratina and some nyama. Further more, there may be some uncircumcised boys in the vicinity or those who need not be circumcised.
Take your picture of your sisters with you as you delete the thread.


from your description you are definately not cut


Never kiss and tell

Gnabry must be a kao who wears yellow stained boxers.




Gnabry WĪ KĪHĪĪ!

sasawa GNABRY

@Gnabry you are turning out to be a mini Kung’u the pilot…pekeka hekaya mbali na kijiji

Sasa wewe umeface cut ama ulienda tu kama wamama check up? Damn it kuna watu wanaelewa kutahiri ni nini c hiyo gossip yako.nkt.

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Kwanza those chics are for hire at the studio. Why else do all the chics on the right have the same shoes…same na wale wa left?

umefurahia sasa umekuwa mwanaume? Inakaa umeng’olewa firimbi juzi wewe thru forced circumcision

So you want to tell us studio chicks don’t get laid and live in a convent?


Im trying to say @Gnabry has chomoad a rao of hire purchase to look like kayole’s version of ja rule. I have no idea whether those chics of studio get laid or where they stay

So you believe tgay

So you believed that is @Gnabry ?

I suppose I do.