A man's ego

I swear there’s nothing worse than a man who’s lost his ego.
Some time back, the group TLC, termed such a guy as a scrub.

Juzi am out with a few family friends catching up after a few months. So this guy comes to join us, yeah from the blue. He finds a chair and shrugs the waitress when she asks him what he needs…of-cos he does this because we are all glaring. Am reading his body language and I can tell he’s in our ka-group for drinks or free meal.

So he takes his phone and fondles it as if he’s busy. The waitress returns and this time round, he checks around with one eye. Long story short, this male gold digger buys nothing in the whole damn night.
I dont know how he did this, but he got all the guys in the group buy him food. All full…he’s eaten and drank…now he’s waiting to be dropped home.

Seriously, why do men do this? Why would a full-grown-ass man sit around and wait for other men or women to buy him drinks or drop him home?

Where’s that in-born pride that every human being is born with? At what point does it disappear?
Kama huna pesa, si you just sit home…kama huna gari si just take a mat. Hii ni nini aibu ndogo ndogo ya kungojea dame akubebe na gari hujui how much it costs!

Have some pride nigga


so none of you guyz knew him and you all bought for him food and drinks? how? or am I missing something

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We knew him. He rode on the fact that he was a long time friend

huyo basi ana shida zake, some of us we can’t even meet the boys when we are not able to buy a few drinks for ourselves and them, just does not feel right even if they guarantee to foot all the bills


If nobody totally knew him then you should have ignored him

I think it isn’t even right for a girl to show up on date without her own money even if you’re with a gentleman who will pick up the tab. There’s a sense of pride in knowing you have a few coins in case something goes wrong.


@trish Speaking as someone who’s gone through a financial slump, that jamaa’s behavior is inexcusable. Mwanaume ni effort, huyo jamaa hafai kuwaekelea mizigo zake. Mngemwachia bills zake ajisort, next time akae kejani na movies akijua kuenda out = as @jelly said, kufuata scout’s motto: being prepared

how had he known you would be there or one of the boys had told him wewe usijali kuja tu nitakusimamia. boys have a way of looking out for each other that way, girls may never understand.


Na kwanza amesema ni long time friend…

Si ungemwambia aende badala ya kuwacha jamaa akule mguu ya mbuzi na tusker alafu ukuje hapa kumdiss. Wewe ndio wale fake friends mnajifanya friendly but your hearts ni chafu. #Ng’ombe


True, but ukisimamia boyz wako, in such cases, unaweza wacha akae kama straggler to those you’re with?

If my boy is down and I got enuff on me I gotta back him up. Drinks,food , ride … hata Poko hakuna shida. Dunno bout you but me and ma crew we tight like that .


Some women are just mean, he is a long time friend and yet it hurts her to see him treated well when he is down. Girls likes buying one a meal when one can afford to buy himself one. Kama umesota utatukanwa hivi…

May be he was peddling some flesh, nyinyi ndio hamkunyita

Na kama angekuwa mwanamke ingekuwa sawa?

:D:D:D…That’s our Kenyan culture…we won’t out you just because you don’t have any coins. Tutakusimamia chechote bora usifanye mtindo. Leo yeye, kesho wewe.

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I always advice brothers who are spenders. If you must spend on people, let them be bros and not hoes. In the event uko down, they have a way of remembering you. Utapata maboys wako wanakusimamia pombe, nyama na kama wewe ni fisi, hata pokos. Hapo ndio mkiwa kwa club na uangukie mrembo na hauna any, you fellow fisi will pass you a few thousands under the table. But if you are the kind that spends on hoes forgetting your brothers, ole wako. Ukiishiwa, you will never see them. Instead, utawaona wako na next monied guy(s) na on Facebook, twitter na ktalk wakikudiss vile hauna kakitu other than a blue subaru na pia hauna ego:mad:


On another note, if you had male companions kindly dig in maybe they insisted and invited the nigga, most of us find ourselves in such situations , however, it is always prudent when you insist to invite a broke friend and there are females on the table you pass a 1K under the table to the affected brother, as @makarapa says, men even buy for their broke guyz escorts what matters to them is the whole team enjoying the night. There is only one caveat, the affected nigga should not make it a habit


Hapo umegonga ndipo. Na according to many comments here. We men look out for each other when one is down. Leo wewe kesho mimi. Sa ladies kaeni kuelewa. And the issue of buying a fisi friend some poko passing some thousands to him under the table as @makarapa says, yes we do that too