A lucrative job, NASA demonstrations

They get well paid!!!


How do I download it?

Wanapewa thou!??

Youtube-save for offline, or Tubemate.
On pc IDM.


Are you surprised? I can tell you for free very few demos happen in Kenya without some money changing hands. You pay a core cadre of men and women to create a bandwagon. Hao wanakuaga job while the rest ni wa kubebwa malenge. If you want a demo in nyeri I can organize one in 45 minutes complete with whistles and vuvuzela if you pay what I ask for.

To save from YouTube, simply use save from net,by inserting double ‘’ s’’ before “y” of YouTube in the URL

people think loyal followers just go and print placards and invest in banners…lol

Lol… But I think that’s an old video from his Sonu days.

Ulipwe 1k alafu upigwe risasi kwa tako. Utumie 10k kujitibu. Na tako pia haliponi haraka…
Problems tu.

Ati 10k? Kwani unatolewa risasi na aspirin pekee?

And that is why it is difficult to sustain them.

… When protesting is your career … Smh!!

Thanks, very helpful

This video is based on the last SONU election which he participated.

Evidence nullified

mwalimu wa P.E ulijuaje gharama ya kutibu tako limeonekaniwa risasi?

eeeh, hata kama sijaona mwenye ametolewa risasi kwa tako nimeona mwenye ametolewa kaigangio; surgery ni surgery…na mimi hufunza home science…

Fake News. Here’s the original video from 2015. He was dishing money to UON students during SONU Campaigns.