A low-paying job or no job: Which does more harm?

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tsk! the gov sucks

That’s like getting a slap in the face from your government.

you shouldn’t have wasted all that money and time going for higher learning…your teacher and parents fu© ked you in the ass

hahaha what a difficult situation to find oneself in

Hakuna mahali kuna contract ya school=job

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Kuna jamaa wa bodaboda na ana masters.kazi watu wafanye juu degree ziko hata from kathuzweni university

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low education is the new government job criterion. Guys need to understand most government officials fear educated people as they think they will come and teke their jobs.

low paying or no job? try going to bed hungry.


I think a low-paying job is worse. When you have no job, there’s hope for a good job, plus you become proactive in searching for the job or opportunities. When you have a shitty job, chances are you are overworked, and won’t even get a chance to look for a better job, plus your sense of self-worth is compromised. Its so easy to accept your value as 20k whereas you are worth 200k.

The fruits of devolved government.

That is true. And employers will always want to put you down and make you feel like you have no value. Like its a favour they are doing you.

I worked with two such employers, did not last a month with them. And I quit in both of those jobs

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watoto wa hiyo st partricks iten hii mwaka wanafail kcse

Before you overvalue yourself based on fancy degrees and qualifications remember this;
a) Kenya is a third world country;
b) We are paid in two coins i.e. the first - experience and finally- money;
c) You have to start from somewhere na kutangulia si kufika
For people who have a lacked a job for more than three months know the value of having their minds engaged
rather than being idle in the name of your better than 20k…


if you are a hustler you can think as @aviator but if you went to school, didnt sleep coz you were craming for egzams then the do as @montecarlo says. there is no wea in kenya wea a graduate straight from uni with a PHD will be offered a starting salary of 200k bila experience. There is a reason why experience and letters of reference are more valuable than papers. If you have read Lupita Ny’ong’o story you will know one time she was a a porter of a production crew in Kenya.


@Cypher…include also that ’ for those who are good in hustling employment is and will always be
a stepping stone - and they are quite few but for the rest unless your famo is a Kenyatta type/Moi/
Kibaki etc itabidi uvumilie’…

mistake no 1 graduate huwa wana make niku chagua kazi, I kno of a guy who started as a driver in UN though alikua a graduate wen they advertised internaly he got the job.
In this scenario if u see the qualification they are looking for its form 4 certs ,then apply with ua high skul cert. kiherere ya kueka degree ni ujinga. once ur in the system toa ya degree…my opinion


fancy degrees are just that fancy degrees, kwanza kama sio maedicine ama engine

kabisa, unaona mtu ana include his masters cert kwa application ya entry level, hiyo certificate ficha na uonyeshe hr after one year,

wise words ma nigga.

When in the system thats when you prove you are overqualified. You work for peanuts to met your immediate expenses, not for comfort.

people get educated to increase their chances of getting a job in their field of interest. being educated does not mean u can have any job advertised. there is a reason why employers do not like giving job to over qualifed applicants, they do not keep their job.