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Can someone enlighten me on this please.[ATTACH=full]7636[/ATTACH]

Dear GOGetter aha

tulia hivyo hivyo tungojee @Meria Mata atuambie vile meeting na wasee wa strong itaenda then you will get your advice

I thought gotv has FTA decoders for 2600. Hii yako ni gani?

Hapa ni team fta na dstv premium. Sijui kama utasaidika.

@Unicorn niliona wewe ni wa fta kuja saidiana

I think they scrapped out that offer of 2600 for FTA channels and now they are offering a subscription of 1800/- yearly.

My main question here is what is GOtv Lite, and what channels are they bundled in, other than FTA .

What they mean is local FTA channels Citizen, K24, NTV, KTN and QTV will no longer be part of the Gotv bouquet unless you pay an annual fee of 1,800Kes.

These guys are pure clean cons

Its CAK, there was supposed to be a rule on having local FTA free of charge on all carriers even if u subscription expires, CAK is letting huu wizi to go on

Mara ngapi tumeimba wimbo wa FTA?

explain what it means…got the same msg.

ai, si wote, mimi niko dstv access

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inamaanisha usipolipa hio 1800 utakuwa unawatch kbc pekee. (naongea from experience)

FTA. Or just install DSTV and you will have a picture worth paying anything for.

what if i continue with the 850 option?

You’ll get this:


Subject to confirmation.

If the gotv subscription expires, can’t your decoder receive ADN, signet and Pang channels?

=“Supu don, post: 77490, member: 594”]what if i continue with the 850 option?

What’s wrong with you today member 594?

i told you nilikuwa slow…morning…