A Line I've Really Liked. Chambueni..............................

"You know @pseudonym , you remind me of my mother. She was the biggest whore in Nanyuki and the finest woman that ever lived.

Whoever my father was, for an hour or for a month, he must have been a happy man.


umezeeka na ni umafiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii umejaza kwa kishwa . jinga

What is this?
Does being open about sexuality make one something wrong?

Tulisema mothers are sacred…keep it that way please.

meffi thread.

Im off to the bar! Stupid people like you is why I drink!

Once upon a time in the west. Great movie from the great Sergio Leone.

what is this Ngabu? context please.

Harlot post

Waaah! Didn’t think anybody would get it that fast. But I guess Gugu helped?:cool::cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:!

I love good movies. Watched it severally.

The guy above you - @Mr Esquire , got it. I am watching the classic Western “Once upon a Time in the West”.

Great movie. Watched it the fist time back in '72 when in high school…

I’ll draw you a list of classics you can watch free online. If you like war movies start with Das Boot, a German-made film. Also watch a more recent Western, No Country For Old Men and also one of my all-time great, The Departed.

ION, don’t you wonder how shallow Kenyans are? I post a cryptic thing and instead of it pricking their interest they start preaching? Aaaaaaarrrggghhh!

For the first time, the first time ever, you have let me down. I respect you but hapa umeongea mbaya. Mums whatever they are are our mums. You cant call your mum a whore. And @pseudonym is not what you think she is. She is just jovial, sharing and entertaining good lady. So retract your statements.

Full moon loading.

I have watched (and rewatched) the latter two. Great movies never grow old. Will look for Das Boot.

uwesmake niaje:)

Very conflicted post. As a society I don’t that we are at that stage where we can critically analyse and draw comments about our parents without sentiments. And maybe we shouldn’t

Jesus Christ! can you read my convo with @Mr Esquire ? Haiya…

For God’s sake this is a slightly modified quote from one of the greatest movies ever made. What’s with you people?

umetomba ile ndume ilikuja na Somalia airways saa saba ?