Psychologists please explain this phenomenon…

Google nature nurture paradigm.

lawyers ni wakora, There is this lawyer who alipotea na doh ya budah after my dad was paid by the accussed through the court.

the guy i white shirt
pia kuna pic ingine twitter wakiwa na sonko

what did the maafaka do?

there he is, intelligence say he is the one who led the raid

Also explain why muslim teenagers male and female, are fleeing developed ccountries like USA Britain and Australia to join Islamist militants in Syria and Somalia…virtually waste lands, to learn how to blow themselves.
There must be some really interesting story behind this.

The Gospel according to St Civilsociety over many years: “Our community has been marginalised by successful regimes”. None of them is now there to tell them that the children of their poor will be further marginalized when there are no teachers or health workers in their schools and hospitals. After all the children of their elite school in academies in “Down Kenya” while those of poor Somalis will drop out to herd the livestock of the elite.

explain in very simple terms please

a fuckin terrorist

Terrorism is an ideological war, we cannot eradicate it as it will keep on mutating…whether AL Qaeda, shifta, this is because it is an idea or belief embedded into the mind of mafakas until they can’t think forbthemselves…but in the brain of a learned friend with all his schooling, unbelievable

The mastermind, Mohamed Mohamud aka Dulyadeyn is a JKUAT engineering graduate : http://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/apr/03/al-shabaab-leader-responsible-for-garissa-attack-is-kenyan

So the learned are turning to this…it would be interesting to look into the mind of such an individual…

Every week on CNN I must hear of western nationals captured in Turkey on their way to Syria

It is really bad. And there are many like him in al shabaab ranks

They must be using extreme form of indoctrination

Lack of knowledge about what true Islam is all about… With proper knowledge of Islam,they wouldn’t think of hurting a housefly let alone murder an innocent civilian. Muslim teenageers from the west going to Iraq and killing innocent Christians and Muslims,if they really knew the true message of Islam,they would know that killing a Muslim makes them Kafirs.

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What is a kaffir? Will they go to heaven?

A Kafir is one who has the truth in front of him and even acknowledges that it is the truth, but he denys it and hides it because he might lose something like wealth, status or power if they accept it.

We do not know who goes to Heaven or Hell. This knowledge is reserved for Allah alone. So a non-Muslim, just like a Muslim will be judged by the only One who can judge, the One who can see right through us. The One who happens to be the All-Loving, All-Knowing, All-Wise.

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Munapenda shortcuts meanwhile Its all about environment ånd how you were raised.