A Kenya Without Kenyattas, Odingas, Mois, Rutos, Mudavadis and kalonzos

That Kenya can be awesome.

I think as Kenyans we should strive for search a Kenya. It may seem like a dream but it will come to reality

There is only one man who took the presidency not cut from this tree; Mwai Kibaki - and you can all agree is the best president we have ever had and all developments in the nation you see even today, he was the key.

There would be other politicians to replace them…A Kenya without tribalism is what we need…A Kenya where a politician is not elected on party euphoria or tribe…but their agenda, work, ethics and manifesto.

Huko counties the above leaders are not there but looting is on overdrive meaning the above leaders are not the problem.

It’s the head of a snake that matters, not the body. The body always follows the head. Kill the head, the body is dead. e.g Rwanda, Tanzania, Singapore, South Korea. Use your upper head well.

Unless them who are the source of this tribalism are brought down. Tribalism is not in the 2000s generation but the older generations are the one trying to install it into the newer generations

Heshimu dynasty nanii …

Izi maghassia zote ziende nyumbani, watu wako frustrated huku nje, the government is choking us na maghassia ni politicks tu…

So much pain in this country... pic.twitter.com/M7A70SllaS

— Laura Walubengo (@lwalubengo) February 10, 2021

Sadly, ni kama waKenya tumebebewa akili na those fellows. Every street corner you’ll find staunch supporters of the above.

We cannot develop as a country while being brought down by a few fellows hell bent on enriching themselves or protecting their ill gotten wealth.

Soo sad

Wrong approach. Angeaza na kuuliza advise.

Companies Limited by guarantee huenda vetting ingine wazimu mpaka ya NIS.

Ati alikuwa anataka kufanya civic education? Ange register tu Public Benefit Organisation. Iko na corporate status kama kampuni na akijesa msuri anakuwa hata tax exempt.

Yet kimûndû always croaked to the nyef meDear, eye want2b konsolted x 10^10000000000)

That day is coming soon. Hao wote wanazeeka. Let’s hope you won’t again find yourself complaining.

We have a chance now to vote for Mukhisa Kituyi but I am not holding my breath. You will hear some Kenyan poor idiots saying they can’t vote for him because he has no money and he doesn’t hand out wheelbarrow etc. The hoi polloi will be cheated with cheap t-shirts and reflector jackets and vote for the most thieving, most noisy and most abusive candidate. It’s as if we Kenyans are addicted to these shady leaders.

Our people are truly ignorant