A Hindu bitch, please!

How can I score with a Hindu chic? These tribe doesn’t even rave in the average club. Where the eff do these guys go to drink and dance? I’d really like to bang a Hindu bitch cos I also heard that they like giving ass so as to preserve the punani. Would ride a Hindu bitch like an Umoinner matatu till kingdom come. Someone tell me where and how I can get a Hindu chic to bang.

Meanwhile, tutombane kwa furaha na kwa bidii

Just take a flight to Mumbai and mhindi will be demystified.

kuja mombasa sport club 31dec wamejaa uko

Nairobi tamu

A friend of mine studied in India.
Si kuna maliar wengi huko !
Mpaka there are some people who are so poor the husband pimps the wife for food.
Wahindi wa Kenya wanajifanya qoomer zao ni za bwana pekee.

Not true, the husbands make sure that strangers like us don’t get close to the wives, in the process they get fucked by close relatives and house boys. According to my Mhindi colleague, basically every Mhindi I fucking another Mhindi’s wife.

It’s because of the way we have structured the Kenyan culture. Class levels. Low mid high. They all look at themselves as mid to high and disrespect/ dharau everyone else.

Just the fact that you can’t afford to step foot in the clubs they go to has already cut your chances by half. Mhindi ni pesa my friend, Mombasa I’ve fucked many of them bora tu mfuko iko poa. Sheba lounge in nyali wahindi wengi n entrance ni 1k

@mishty unatafutwa

Kabisa, hapo tu paki na westy kuna Indian housewives who like blac dyks. Once you get acquainted and gain enough trust from an indian lanye, she can introduce you to some horny indian housewives whose husbands hushinda industrial area…hawa electricians na plumber huenda ku’fix’ izo hao wakona siri sana

hawajui uchawi ya kufanya mtu akwame

Shout out to my boy Clement Onyango for Banging and impregnating one outside wedlock!!

You are the real MVP!!!

Hehehe…let him not even try. Online escorts download pics of pornstars but when you meet them, they are extremely ugly…this is according to a friend.

Hii maneno nimeskia tena. What you see is not what you get

True. The kind of women you wouldn’t ferk even for free or if they were paying you to do it

Psys ya wetlands. If it’s still open, used to see lots of panthres there

Kumbe unajua Clemmo The Merchant of Venice… boy wangu sana.

Ukitaka mhindi be ready kupata coomer ina fudhi inakaa kama mkia wa squirrel

This I concur. What you see is not what you get.