A herd of elephants, Tsavo, 1950's

the locals knew how to coexist with animals - resources were enough for all then came capitalism labelled as civilisation where an individual with a letter from the state could fell down 1000s of trees at a go… the indeginous people would make use of fallen twigs before they think of felling a tree

WOOW … !

interesting. Didnt know elephants live in such large groups. Thought they live in family units led by a matriarch

Fake nyews za 1950s

im no elephant expert but acording to matriachy ,upto a hundred elephants can coexist depending on the terrain,food,and the families within. But,i will give the picture a benefit of a doubt,ignoring some of the cyclical repetition in the overall composition .but wow!!

Mashogu maingí. Ngai.

shogu na njogu sounds the same ,where are the verneculars from?

Jesus wept. What have we done ?

Man can destroy the planet if he wishes

Did you know that the elephants were responsible for converting the area to a grassland Savannah, by felling the trees?

may be destroy himself, the planet knows how to take care of itself, its been around for years,

Then the rate of death of humans kept them in check. or why do you think population has exploded in the last 5 decades? It is because getting to 30 before then was a golden achievement. sometimes famine and disease would kill everyone in a tribe and only a family or two would escape by migrating through the jungle. thats why folk lore says that most communities were started by one or just a few families.
humans werent as dominant as they are today. Africa was a vast jungle with pockets of people. population was so small that even with our breeding habits china alone beats us today yet africa is a giant plate of habitable land. You can imagine arabs settling in turkana would be feeling like its a tropical forest.

I thought there are different species, the forest elephants co-exist well enough with trees in the aberdares?

Elephants and humans

Before the ivory queen started business

This is because the ones in aberdares are culled when their population reachs a certain number. Whenever you are in the forest, you see several trees fell by the bulls when they are in the Musth? Now imagine thousands of bulls in Musth? Aberdares forest could be leveled like the Nyika plains.

Kina @wong wakipereka njogu zikakure pare koona in 1956.
Kumbe watu wanaweza ishi nazo?

Btw anyone know anything about the difference between Indian and African elephants? I think I read somewhere that the Indian elephant is easier to tame than the African one…

14 billion years. I wish nature brings an apocalyptic event soon and wipe humans off the planet. We have really become a liability to this planet.

This is the Asian elephant. Docile and easy to domesticate.