a guide to the river between.

I have referred people into treading this book but sijapata mmoja amesema kama ni mzuri, anyway kwa wale hamjasoma summary nimewawekea.
Waiyaki was the son of Chege. Chege was a traditionalist,moralist and hailed from the lineage of the great Seer, Mugo wa Kibiro. He was among the few who knew where Gikuyu and Mumbi lodged on their way to “mukurwe wa nyagathanga.” The other people who knew the same painful truth were kabonyi the traditional extremist and Joshua the religion fanatic.
Waiyaki was humble, obedient and with his tender age he dreamt of building a bridge to withstrain the"honia" river entitled ironically and rather than bringing the real remedy, it created more division and enmity all because of one thing, LEADERSHIP. His aim was clear and precise only to bring the warring ridges together.
His father had no option and he took his son to learn western education despite the risk of him being contaminated by the colonialists. He took him to siriana mission school. He said to the lad, “learn everything but not to follow the vices.” The only way to chase the oppressor was to learn his/her moves.
Waiyaki grew up in the ways of the land. People praised him but kabonyi and Joshua were bitter seeing a young man winning the favour of the community.
Kabonyi knew waiyaki was the chosen one and he made everything possible to hinder his destiny.
In my view, Prof Ngugi wa Thiong’o is a great overseer. The narrative in his fiction book describes vividly Kenya today. "Waiyaki 4 and half years ago became the crown Prince of this beloved motherland but “Kabonyi” does everything on his effort level to fight it. He knows no day he will wake up being the head of state that’s why day in day out he vomits rubbish to tarnish the cultivated reputation of Waiyaki.
He is a master of criticism to every good thing done. He lives in historical injustices regime, he thinks of I, me and myself, he agitates tribes against one another, he is the real antagonist & a remarkable villain, he is the chief priest of impunity and the Reverend Bishop of negative ethnicity and the pain in the ass he has witnessed inauguration of three Presidents and yet he keeps running a race being sure no hope of the destination. Oh my!
Kenya wants only an acceleration gear and she is not ready for reverse motion. The time has come where we as Kenyans ought to make a choice. The time to do a thorough scrutiny of these two men; one is focused,selfless,God fearing and a Darling to many and the other is outdated, full of braggadocio and hubris, who lives in the past and with a vision to slice leadership like a bread and to turn state matters to bedroom affairs.
Back to our story, despite the opposition force did Waiyaki make a step to fulfil his dream? Maybe or maybe not…


Nice piece.

This book at first reading doesnt flow well, but once some grasps the theme, it turns out to be a nice read. I read it thrice in order to consume it well.