A gem from Muchatha Reloaded some 4 years ago

By Muchatha Reloaded a Famous Lister, stolen from Kenyanlist.com

  1. Media can create a mountain from a mole hill and vice versa. Take anything you hear with a pinch of salt from these guys. So when they tell you one guy, tribe etc is bad…it is because they want you to believe so. So when they tell you #weareone, because their class has been touched. We were however not one in Baragoi or in western Kenya. Once the media ‘forgets’ about that story, Kenyans will forget too. Were there no political activities, that they beam on our screens daily dividing us… in those 4 days…really? (ask yourselves)

  2. Thank you for those who donated their blood. It will help your fellow black man or yourself in future. I am sure relatives from Britain, parklands etc are in flights on their way to Kenya to donate blood to their kin. There is no way these guys will trust your blood fellows. Just ask anyone at the hospitals and this reality will hit you.

  3. Regardless of class, in death, especially that involving police, we are all equal. You must pass by city mortuary where the smell of death is everywhere, go through the knife of the government pathologist whom some never knew existed, then a sweet Mercedes hearse comes for you to transfer you to Lee funeral home.

  4. We are trending in heaven by the number of times the name “GOD” has been used in Kenya even by those who do not believe in one. Hypocrisy at it’s best.

  5. Kenyans have free money. Zack is still somewhere asking God many questions why he never came back, yet 64M was raised like a joke. Read why on #1

  6. When the blast occurs on the east of Thika Road, the injured are rushed to KNH, Mama Lucy Kibaki Hosp, Mbagathi…etc. I heard Mateur Hosp. once rejected the Sinai fire victims…if they dared took their smelly feet to MP Shah or Agha Khan without a guarantor or deposit?! These guys have the ability to pay (capitalism at it’s best).

  7. Ordinary Kenyans can become anything-Education experts, weaponry and warfare experts, security advisors, conspiracy theorists, propagandists, speech analysts, media experts, can see the unseen (read talking of what is happening inside the building by watching Larry Madowo saying the same thing the whole day)

  8. Our Media personalities can be STUPID!

  9. The human rights activists will call the shooting of the terrorists ‘execution’ and that of the innocent civilians and police officers…another word.

10. Don’t waste your life building wealth and looking for money…it can disappear in a single flash…a day after your insurance expired. Instead please enjoy life when you can, buy that nice shoe if you like it, share some love whenever possible…there is no certain way of dying…a guy can just walk into a mall, shoot you for nothing and you lose the opportunity to enjoy what you had postponed.

huyu muchatha aliendaga wapi.a weird character dem days za klist

I remember his hekayas of kamuaring a pregnant kahehia


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@Mucatha = @Fiud Marshal

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Wakathambi the waiter,kidinyi the legendary?