A Frog's eye-view of various talkers....reloaded

Your frog’s favorite frog is back.
read part one here>> http://www.kenyatalk.com/index.php?threads/a-frogs-eye-view-of-various-ktalkers.5717/
New talkers are coming up and it is only fair to chambua some and have a laugh while at it. let us jump into it…
@spax this one is more shemale than @aviator . i can bet my long tongue that this a man masquerading as a female so as to promote his lovematters chieth website. style up and go hard like kichwakibov. pussy
@Wakanyama and the whole waka- family. multiple handlers hawa so i will group em together. sapere to the bone. these will vote JAP ata unga ikifika 250 per kg. former mungiki now doing relatively well late in their lives. for this reason he dreams of buying land in south america but can only afford ndeiya and rumuruti. dont scratch their toyotas or you will end up with cannulas(holes) in your torso.
@imei2012 this one is a cool fella. in his late 30s hivi. knowledgeable in tech especially fta tingz. stingy na pesa zake lakini. probably knows @Meria Mata in real life.
@Hash_Tag polite fella but afraid to rock the boat. not one meaningful contribution to the village like many others.
@MgangAlchemist young man. mid 20s apo. in his first job so jameson is what he imagines is the best thing since sonford chips. likely to be a fun fella though
@Gecko Moriah first off, what’s with the name?? chisos. then the scary ugly avatar. wtf man?? anyway this one also is finding his way in life. mid 20s too and coming up. into colle girls who he can bamboozle with his first paycheck.
@Lifeist ah ah ah. tricky one this. shot to village elder so fast. kirudiwo, kiliibiwo. cool fella though. loves his pilsner to death though it tastes like banana stem juice. loves life and fun guy to drink with. will drive you at 4am home safely since pili is just like water.
@Bhangi Iwe Huru apart from his obvious campaign, seems a reasonable man. a true fuck-the-system man. and by the way i support your cause…wapi coin tin?
@kanu_lingus his name leaves no doubt as to his favorite sex act ladies. cool fella. here to just have a bit of fun.
@Nefertities the kind of girl Ja rule had in mind when he sang DAB.


this one will ride witchu to the very end. knowwharramsayin? my niccur. better have your sex game right coz she aint into bitch niggas. gotta be a soldier.


@danji1 another laidback fella. loves his oldschool music. mid 20s ivi. just getting his paper off these blood suckers. a self confessed ‘virgin’. hmm. i played that game too son. i see you
@mariachi demanded to be featured in part 2. hmm. a no beef typa fella. late 20s apoivo. coming up in the world. joined for fun and to pass those slow days
@Cypher254 typical nerd. loves technology. loves his graphics card more than his GF. if he has one:D
@Arokaz an unpaid kichwakibov. all his listing are copy pasted from some website. wacha ufala boss
@Hunter Xp here to stalk @Supu don . :smiley:
@Prof.Jakihii found his way here late after klost went under. still mathari material
@trish cool chica. most likely laptop just the way i like em. would bang her like a screen door in a hurricane.
@syfurian village sufuria. here to promote his site but disappeared. maybe bundles ziliisha.
@MaryJane tough mama. very opinionated. difficult to live with since she must have the last word in any argument. most likely from Nyeri.
@Mzee mzima young gun. talks before he thinks. will work for pussy. such is the thirst.
@Carbon thinks we are here since we are idle. calm down youngin. some talkers here are not supervised by big brother. corner office and all. but they dont say. thinks being busy means being rich. never saw a rich donkey man.
@PepoPunda the village HFIC- Head Fisi In Charge. will stuff his dong in any hole…
@shocks friendly fella. no domes with anyone.
@Osiris learned fella. probably a lawyer. coming up in the world.
@Jirani bigoted, chauvinistic bastard. you do not wanna have him marrying your sister. loud mouth and highly insecure hence all the show. =TIG = multi handler extraordinaire
@byro skinny like the name suggests. hardworking lakini mhindi amemkalia. coming up tho
@einstwine very sharp fella. may be a a lawyer or a banker na si teller. or actuary
@MulikaMwizi lady in her early 30s. drives a vitz/demio/note/march. thinks unnecessarily highly of herself. wants to leave Kenya and live ‘majuu’. trying to hookup with a a mzungu towards that end.
@Ibwit mwanaume bila msimamo. i get the feeling this one is a serious cockblocker. not an ideal best man as he will snitch to your bride what happened a the stag-do.
@madova middle aged fella. loaded. always down for a plan. the type you drag along to your ruracio
@le scumbag rich hustler. streetwise. will follow coins to the end.
@chap sijui alienda wapi. good hekayas especially that one on crossing county lines for ‘white’ punani. will also work for pussy. thirsty as fcuk

Wacha nikimbilie madondo kabla waweke maji

About @Jirani, @PepoPunda and @Mzee mzima I can relate to your analysis.

umbwa ww

Huwes niambia hivyo Frog!

Spot on on @MulikaMwizi

:D:D:D:D:D wachana na my @Hunter Xp …


Osiris is a recovering addict.

Congratulations for being the Idler of The Year Awardee(IOYA). This is you receiving the award(with wrist watch). Chunga unanyemelewa na @Njamba Huthu


Ninangoja madondo zipakuliwe.

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As a mod it’s sad to call people Idlers, what are you doing here in the first place? Nitaongeza matusi baadae.

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Hahaha all in all a good analysis. However you forgot the original village Jaro soja, the one and only @pamba


vile @Jirani amesema


“bang her like a door during a hurricane”…
Sijui nacheka nini

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very close on @trish

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sasa unataka aje?

Mafisi circling around @trish lakini haitakua rahisi. We chura usinitusi na jameson mi ni mtu wa johnwalker blue label; a drink that makes you read alchemist in the sip.

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“Early thirties” TRUE.
“drives a vitz/demio/note/march” WRONG I drive a wish.
“thinks unnecessarily highly of herself.” WRONG. I think necessarily highly of myself.
“Wants to leave Kenya and live ‘majuu’. trying to hookup with a a mzungu towards that end” WRONG. I wouldn’t want to leave Kenya. I’m already hooked up to a nyeuthi. Mzungu hawesmake.