A fool will be asked to pay millions in Dowry for this na akubali


Typical kamba chik.

A fat beta male will shell his entire life worth and more in sheer obliviousness.

Fun fact, hawa machizi when they decide to settle they become very serious wives. Seen a few in my days

I have seen that as well but deep down the kunguru in them will never die out.

Alafu afike point flani aseme ati ako born again aanze kuenda church kila Sunday na aseme sex after marriage. Ghaseeer!

Baaas. Na hapo kunguru hatafugika ata kama ni pingu


They become those vulgar grandmas who embarrass their children at family gatherings. :D:D:D:D:D

First of all, if you can fork out even a shilling for dowry, then you are an equal fool

Siwes mind hiyo

Hii haikosi ina ukedi. 98%

Ukweli. Girls having fun. Unfortunately the guy she is out with is unlikely the guy she will marry. But in these days of the social media, I think boys are more than aware of all this. The guy who would marry her will have to do it with full awareness.

Hio ni club gani?

Don’t mean to demean, but the average Kenyan female of our generation is most likely a low intelligence, petty, squabbling twat whose main idea of achievement is marrying or getting pregnant to a rich man. We are talking of a being which can dress up looking sexy and walk into a club with zero shillings and cents and come out some hours later at a level of toxication higher than that of all club members (especially paying ones!) combined. To imagine be asked to shell even 10k for a dowry for such an organism is the stuff of horrid bedsheet clutching nightmare.

Very easy … anahitaji tu kuenda a new town kuvalia kitenge Sunday mbili tatu then a suitors will start flocking wakiona wife mart-erio…

Sasa ona maneno ya @kush yule mnono kwa Abdul

Kuna kunguru kaa hii nilikuwa nanunulia drinks last week kwa local, she was with friends. Akaniambia ati niwa-join we club hop mi nikamwambia sitoki. Si unajua hii mambo ya kupelekwa clubz zenye utapatana na kunguru zingine zenye ulishakamua is a no no. Tyme walikuwa wanatoka akataka kuniachia number but mi nikamwitisha hando ya Insta. Akadinda ati “You wanna see my ass bt not have it” Mi nikaendelea kunywa wytecup yangu. Hii mambo ya kubaki na namba ndio uwe unatuma kakitu as you wait for your turn to hit the ikus is not for the Nyamgondho. Insta yangu imejaa kunguru ka hawa wa kuosha mecho nw that @Deorro na @Purple walitoa that privilege.


Unajua jina ya hii club?