A few clicks away from my first order at aliexpress.com. Advice

Good morning Fellow learned and experienced businessmen. A few weeks ago I started my research on how to import few products from china and i decided i would do it in Aliexpress.com because they have a nice buyer protection policy, variety of products and at a very competitive price. Am almost done with the research but I am not happy with the shipping prices from China especially for the fastest companies such as DHL and EMS. some almost half the price of the product am about to order. The price for cheaper shippers is good but the time they take to deliver is too long. They say 15 to 60 days and I know thats a way of telling me that it will take 60 days indirectly.

If there is anybody out there who has some useful advice on how we can do it Please help.

@Luther12 kuja saidiana

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Nilitumiwa research samples to carryout a certain research from france 80k…kufika kwa custom fidex wananicall kunishow nafaa kulipia tax ya 60k…robbery in broad daylight.

Wah I am not ready for this wacha tuone vile wana kijini watasema

@Luther12 unaitwa ukuje uokolee jahazi

Even I get tired of repeating the same thing over and over again. How many times have I warned pple to avoid DHL unless it’s an urgent or highly valued product?

I recently bought a few items there (AliExpress) and chose EMS/China Post as my shipping method. The syipulated time was 7-21 days; I collected my items at City Square (Haile Selassie) in 10days.

Got other stuff from Uncle Sam’s, opted for ship (meli) as air was almost twice the purchase price. The ship is taking 8wks, docking some time next month. I’m still waiting.

Watu hununua gari na inachukua 4-8wks boss. So 60days is too short a time to be worried over. Kazi kwako.


The same materials went to madagascar at 0 taxes…kenya kuna wizi sana…then fedex wanadelay before they clear your parcel…

@ luther which is the best company to send/recieve any parcel…I thought of DHL after going through frustrations with Fedex?..how can you evade hizo huge taxes za customs…?

Let’s just say the duration of shipping never worries me. After all with escrow protection, I can’t really lose my money. I always go for the cheapest shipping option, mostly EMS, China Post, Sweden Post, Hong King Post, Singapore Post, etc. I’ve used DHL only twice, once for an item I needed urgently and once for a delicate/fragile item that I didn’t trust anyone else to handle.

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Si mko na upuzi kwa hii kijiji :D:D:D


I usually give the address of African Salihiya in China. The package is written my name c/o African Salihiya.

Collect in Eastleigh.

Never disappoints.


African salihiya I can vouch for.


Men, there is so much to learn in this importing business…waah! @Okiya still doing my research before inboxing you

@The.Black.Templar i request that you email me too. [email protected]

What info do you need I see if I can help…I am very green in this area

This is great Intel. …

Sawa @The.Black.Templar

Which payment method do you use? Visa/Paypal or mastercard?

Do they handle the tax payment procedures? And how long on average do they take before they deliver?