Driving home from work, something struck my mind. I thought back to myself and concluded Kenyan ladies must be enthusiastic porn fans. In the millennium of yonder, concept like blow jobs were virtually unheard of in Kenya, and for guys it was more along the line of good luck getting even one to do it. Fast forward into the first quarter of the 21 Century…things changed drastically! Let’s move around the world.

Japan. When I was in the military I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan. The lady I spent the longest stretch with at that time was 30 or 31 and I was 21. I never stopped to think about it, but as I am doing right now. I have never had a real girlfriend who was younger than myself. By the time I reached 20, I was fed up with the college age girls and I could never play their stupid girlish games because those games irritated every single nerve in my body so the 30 year old was perfect. I don’t know why guys try to act like it’s cool, to maintain favor, instead of just simply telling them to cut that crap out.

Her pussy was so tight it actually hurts getting in and out. I only had observed that once maybe at 18. This girl was I don;t know 15 or 16, and I could not get inside her for 30 minutes, and when it went in it was painful. I don’t know how to tell a virgin from non-virgin, given that I would like to imagine not all “bleed” when they hymen gets breached; and especially for the tom boy girls who love riding bikes, the bike took care of that.

This girl I strongly suspected she must have been a virgin. I was quite shocked about the pain, and she complained about it and I knew it was true, because I felt it too. She used to get very horny so we did all sorts of kamashutwa that excluded penile penetration and it was fantastic! I wish I could dig that lady out from somewhere in this day and spend some quality time with her. Unlike other girls who I would expose to my perversions, or fantasize about, I liked this one. The best lady to be buddies with is the one you are not trying to sleep with, and I jeopardize my chances so often, because I don’t much believe in constant acting and bullshitting.

The Japanese lady was lucky for 2 reasons. I used to work out a lot, I used to run a lot, did 2 marathons, and I used to DRINK EVEN MORE HENNESSY!!!..we often hooked up on weekends, in the aftermath of my heavy drinking sessions. You can’t ejaculate fast, when things combine like that, so, thanks to my very good cardio at that point, she would get relentless pounding, until one day after an almost two hour plus marathon her face was purple!!(If a man is pounding you, and he is doing missionary, your bodies are closest but the problem is the guy is effectively doing modified push up position so it fatigues you(Which invites a very CRUCIAL point…THICK LADIES give the BEST SEX…more on that later)…that is why guys will pound you best in doggy…put that head down on that pillow and let your butt jettison as high as you can and you will enjoy getting plowed!! Some ladies raise their front body up, which takes the butt downwards, which forces the guy to have to try bend and screw you upwards, and it’s very tiring and messes up the back, instead of that V shape that has the flagpole impinging at a 90 degree tangent lik a pro!..this was as I struggled to try and ejaculate, and she used to get very happy, for good sex, while what I was really doing was trying to get myself to orgasm!! One day she came to my place and I realized she was on her periods. I remember cursing internally, bendera imeamka lakini hakuna upepo wa kufuata!! She told me don’t worry go fill up your bathtub with water. and I did. We both got in and she requested me to give her good pounding…u know how Japanese speak she was like I want u to beat this pussy much!! That is like the best romantic song you can ever sing a MAN. Ladies if you kept singing that song full time you WON’T need to go to Kilimani Mums to get tips on how to plant webcams to see if your pee pee gets into the bum bum of the maid. She never bled a drop. The water pressure kept her system as though she was not on her period. Short of her teaching me I would never had found out. So men, kama mjelede ikona tabia mbaya ya kusimamasimama kama wife ako periods hama kwa nyumba ina bath tub problem solved. Oh speaking of which, housemaids were God sends during teenage. I think I must have screwed 3 of ours and several neighbor ones too, because there was a period we moved somewhere kinda isolated, so I had to get innovative. For those with teenage boys, kama maid siyo literally Mama Shiko mwenye watoto wakumi, kijana might well be pounding it. MANY boys learn about sex that way in their teenage. So if your didn’t know ndio hiyo.

In Kuwait, let me see, I bypassed the Arab girls, coz it wasn’t worth the hussle. Many have these crazy curfews and so forth but if you have been rear anal that is the avenue-unmarried ARAB girls. I focused more on the easily edible species; Filipinas, Chinese, and Ladies from the Indian Subcontinent countries. The one I wanted to screw the most, I didn’t get the chance. She is that crazy crazy bible crazy fanatic, but alikuwa na nyege, so I got not explicitly sexual rubs but as close as you get when palms are dancing 1 inch from your labia majora. The Indian lady was in a serious dilemma; her libido n horniness was palpable, and she was simultaneously wrestling with her EXTREMELY STRONG religious convictions…

South Korea. When I was here, my girlfriend was a Filipina girl with all those curves that would elicit a 42-tooth EAR TO EAR smile from any LUO or LUHYA man. If you love nipples, Filipinas got EXCELLENT ones; not big but very tasty to much on! Ladies have this Illusion that men necessarily want those Juggernaut 5 Liter Jerrican Sized Titties. For a very breast oriented man the BEST breasts are high B or Low C-A mouthful; I love boobs and when I get those that can be a mouthful they are infinitely pleasant to consume breakfast from. Ladies, Big Boobs are Good to LOOK AT…but not suck coz the man barely got the nipple portion in the mouth! Same for the men and penis length as I have pointed out many times. For ladies with bigger structure , they certix is breached at about 8 inches. Ladies who love big dicks or the “BBC” is that the appearance turns her on. She can’t do much in the way of sucking and neither can he go balls deep, and in Doggy position, with the artificial constriction of the pelvis a manwith 10 inches trying to go balls deep “punches” the cervix and from what I’ve heard the ladies say it hurts a lot, an don the other hand when it is too long and you can’t BOTTOM out, the man falls short of the joy. I have had several ladies who you just have to stop doggy coz it hurts them. I came across maybe about 5 of those.

Middle East: They got some beautiful ladie there-VERY LAZY too, and especially in Kuwait. I have never been to a country with people as crazy as Kuwait! Those people are lunatics. I never fucked a Kuwaiti girl, I mentioned up, the logistics wasn’t worth it. However, I have Iraqi, Egyptian, Bahraini etc. Wow wow especially the Iraqi 1. I think I must have used the condom for a minute or so, and my thermometer wanted to take accurate readings NOT diffused ones. It was an absolute joy and if she was fertile, then they might have a Iraqi African Kid running around with a big head. Filipina and Thai lady structures are similar but their faces slightly different, and on average Thai’s are more pretty. Oh I had forgotten the wonderful supper that was fed to me by this Chinese Lady. With NO hyperbole, her nipples were the size of a GOLF Ball, I nhever had sex laughing until that day out of amazement.

Kuwait, there was this 53 year old lady, and if you saw here you won’t believe your eyes! You would posit her at MAX 28! And another tight tight pussy. This one almost raped me few times, I mean actually did. We lived in the same apartment building, so it was just 3 floors down. I would drop by randomly, and this one day it was a Zoroastrian Holiday(A Persian Thing), and as soon I was in she grabbed my junk as she like walking a dog straight to bed, and she said she need this now now!! Iwas like mhhh!!.

Oh I had almost forgotten, there are also a bunch of Kenyan girls in Kuwait. It’s almost sad, but with the exception of some lady who was, actually not Kenyan but Ugandan, all of them got double and triple shots. I’m a big pervert, and ironically, when I am most perverse, I am most fruitful. Earlier I had said something about Thick ladies. Oh one thing before that. In Bahrain, there was this absolutely gorgeous Russian Ladies, and those ladies ni kama mashetani, you interact with them andll they do is hypnotize the crap out of you! I honestly don’t even know how I pulled it off. I guess they call it happenstance, but I mentioned her for one reason. Oh and before that, those East European Ladies in Bahrain need to go to Gikomba and change wardrobes. I hate being in clubbing environments fully sober, and conscious of everything. I went to a lcub full of Eastern European ladies and wahhh, ati mnaingilianga wakamba na color clashing, these ones took it to a WHOLE new level….they mixed me mpaka I hadn’t noticed the fact that I never spoke to a single one of them,coz my eyes were just moving around the place huh huh….at skirt ya light purple, blouse ya yellow, hair pins za blue, viatu zinakaa kama trouser ya courdroy, and hairdo’s nika shangaa…kwani hawana Hair Glo ama Gikomba??

The Russian lady was remarkable for oe reason; KISSING. What she was doing, I had never had an experience before or since, but it is AT LEAST 6 times any girls kisses can get you. She basically has an orchestra piece, and through the use of her tongue and lips hehehehehe…I am not joking! Ubaya I had carried that carry on suitcase for it was for a weekend, kama suitcase kubwa ingekuwa huyou ningebeba niende nay yeye. She is good at everything. Great Vaginal, Great Anal, Great Kissing, Great everything! She had this follow through , where she will see what you nare doing with your kiss and then she seamlessly follows through; very hard to explain. It was the ONLY tiem I remember kissing and literally getting the sensation of an electrical shock….Sijui what KAME-SHUTWA that was!!

Filipinas youwill be hard pressed to get anal, Thai you almost certainly will get it…….and if you want the Far East Asia WILD WILD west go to HONG KONG!..they just simply start tonguekissing anywhere, and even people who just met!!

The top 3 sexual encounters I have rated at the top are 3. One was a thick Japanese lady, who kidnapped me at the club! I don’t even know how. ANY time I went out looking for ladies, I NEVER picked up and when I was not intent on picking one up, somehow you just see yourselves in your apartment. So with the thick Japanese lady, I was bored on the Base so I went outside a famous Gate called Gate 2 street. This day I was not drinking, and when I go to clubs sober I really hate it So I heard some music from this joint and walked in to check it out.I stood on the side by myself, and then somehow at some point our eyes met and then , I don’t know how, but we kissed under the stairs, and later went home. I didn’t fuck her; she fucked me…GOOD!! The second one out of that list was from my STAG Party. We somehow ended up in one of the various ground of all sorts of moral depravity but nicely kept. There was A , and B, and C….but there was one problem….NEVER MAKE WEDDING SUITS USING A KENYAN TAILOR!!!. …I had a rude awakening……so in Kuwait I was used to ordering Suits made etc by some indian Tailors. They are very professional and very good, and never late by a day! So I found a pattern, and I had mine made in Kuwait, then found a Kenyan guy to do one for the guys (I don’t know there were 9 or 10 including those young boys). TAG Party Thursday kuamkia Friday there so it was crunch time at the STAG. So we did stuff then I ended up with this group of 3 girls all of who I did, but it was a ONE WOMAN FREAK FEST!!! This girl was tall, pretty , and petite. I’ve had ladies with various skills but this lady did it EXACTLY LIKE THEY DO IN PORN…si mnakumbuka me telling you guys wadem wa Kenya wako porn? Here was the catch. So there is this other girl called Fa…something can’t remember. She was the one I sat with for the better part that evening but she was not one of the three I had sex with. So I guess that was my only 4 some…Ive had her eand there 3 somes though. So I ended up with the number of htat F lady…and I didn’t have Sonya’s but F had her number. Then she said she has Sonya’s number….So trying to be sleek I said yeah maybe I can save it on the phone because I’ll be gone in another 2 or 3 days in case yadi yada….wadem wengine si wajinga…she refused to give me the number. So anyway …….I did wedding but I did not have my original Birth Certificate and apparently needed it, and neither was I born in Kenya, so I couldn’t . There was a work around. I grew up catholic I think and probably attended the last Sunday , with the exception of weddings and funerals, back at the turn of the century. So they wanted bapticm, first holy communion, and some stuff, and luckily they were found. I had become angry I just said I am gomna say screw all this stuff go to sharia house and sign some papers and be out! But it worked out. And again they gave similar problems when my Dad died, but this was Church of God or something. I was wondering what kind of stuff was brought by whites and middle easterners from deserts in the middle east with all sort of fantastic stories and very little in the way of events that in fact occurred. In Africa they sabotaged our traditional stuff and now people joint the chorus for that nonsense from the desert. Bring me some genuine beliefs and practices from my own ancestors not bullshit from other dry patches of the world. We considers ourselves so rational but become idiots as superstitions kick in. I’m completely perplexed when you see some stuff that is bullshit being treated as unrivaled truth. And conveniently as we have gotten to a point where this stuff can be proved or disproved, and CONVENIENTLY that shit stopped happening. Humanity is a concoction of fantastic idealism, but the tenets crumble as you start getting into the corporeal.

I was distracted by stuff…anyway. The 3rd to top that list of was a Kamba woman!!! MYTH CONFIRMED!! Need I elaborate? This one was actually in Kuwait and she worked at our base in a subjunct unit. I did all the various things divine providence has bestowed upon me, but none of that was up to the task of trying to sexually satisfy this lady! One day I believe she effectively robbed my interior biomass of some 2000 calories aind about two hours!..So to the point of THICKER LADIES. ……One VERY VERY BIG benefit was that basically you can have sex with her missionary lying on top of her without having to do a modified push up and that is the best POSSIBLE SEX. Because your two bodies are one and its very intimate, plus she is able to skew the ambient temperatures with her warmth. Get this; we you can penetrate her for 30 minutes and not sweat it at all….all NONSTOP….At well over 100KGI I tried it once in with my wife, who was a fiancée then, and she said she was going to die LOL…After you lift weights a bunch of years then roll back from it the body mass creeps in. I am extremely sorry but razor thin ladies are NOT more than good to look at. Ikifika wakati wa NDOMBOLO Sukuma mifupa kando and bring us the THICK LADIES!!!

Anywas so I kinda kept in touch with the F girl and last year I spent it in Kenya, first time in almost 20 years. Ironically she lived NOT far from where Msando’s car was found. This is a lady blessed with kikuyu beauty and luhya curvature, can’t ask for more or less. But ni wazimu. She sent me a text message out of the blue, then the told me to go have sex with her, and I thought she was joking. After a week I got around to going there and indeed DID.

So on the age thing the verdict is that ……all SIGNIFICANT LADIES WILL BE OLDER than me….mipango za hapa na pale maybe younger, but if it’s a strategic mpango wa kando vs tactical one offs, I would prefer one close to 50. Those are golden!!! Kenya ladies have become freaks, almot all of them give BJs without been asked, a good number will do Anal……ndio watu husema “kumekujwa ni mtu”…hahahahaa…

Well first it was the “THAILAND CLASS” and after I returned to Kenya, my Dad suffered a second heart attack, and was diagnosed with heart and kidney failure went terminal and the devastation was ABSOLUTE in the next months, with systematic starvation(basically this is the direct process of dying slowly, when a crucial system fails from that process----and he had 11 Unpublished books at his death he authored after retirement as a Maths and Physics Professor, and we have NO Idea where they are-5 days before his death I saw an inquiry on a website I bought for him and asking around big bro told me Dad had asked about it for some kind of info, but he didn’t have any strength so we were trying to hold on for him to improve-not realizing he was SCRAMBLING to do so coz he knew his time was up(feels aweful now coz we still have no clue wher th estuff is at), and in fact his brother came for one day 2 weeks before death and my Dad told him he is finished, and they discussed some stuff but we didn’t have a clue, and we had a Monday appointment schedule a pace maker with DeFIB(he died 1 day before that appointment) for a Left Bundle Branch Block–electrical short circuit that gets ventricles out of sync, further hurting the non-existent functionality that was pretty much gone, and increased risk of cardiac arrest- so the death was Im CERTAIN cardiac arrest).

‘ to exacerbate it(Try to draw a mental picture: Heart capacity being one THIRD of the THRESHOLD for heart failure-so another person diagnosed with heart failure-has 3 times MORE heart function, little over 10% of kidney function, toxins in saliva makes food feel like swallowing colgate, and NEVER RETURNS, and excruciating painful episodes, plus Anaemia from busted Kidneys, and no fuel to fight any of the devastaton; and 3 to 4 months later he breathed his last. If u’ve not experienced some of these events you get very shocked and bewildered, and I had to stay through the process because it was difficult. At some point I typed some stuff and posted somewhere….quite a few people can pick up one or two things that may become very handy.

I hoped you enjoyed this as much as a certain pervert did!!!

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Things I learnt:

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